Which KIND of Satanists?

Ophite? Pan Cult? Pythagoreans? Traditional? Generational?

Tani Jantsang

See Poem: "Baphomet" and "Hymn to Satan" in the long essay "Sigil of Baphomet." These two poems alone are also viewable at Hr.Vad's website: http://www.apodion.com/vad/dark/

1. Generational Satanism

Families, clans, whole peoples born into a specific tradition under whatever name they may call it in their own language: most of these are in the East, not in the West. See articles on Website at www.apodion.com/vad/dark/index.shtml by the same name ("Generational Satanism"). See articles on the same Website www.apodion.com/vad/dark/index.shtml "All Things," "Dark Force in Nature," and "Sat and Tan." This doctrine consist of the OLDEST and PURIST form of Dark Doctrine.

The Doctrines of the Boundless, All-Pervading Darkness. It is not personified, never thought of as a literal Being or God, it is NOT CENTRALIZED (BIG difference here with this). This is the ROOT of all of it, the main thing. This is the MOST important aspect of Satan, above/beyond any archetypal form or myth or legend. The doctrines are of yin, sat, sod, and atma (breath of life), kundalini force, chi. The pre-Hindu Naga word SAT means "boundless All" it is a Boundless Darkness that existed prior to the Cosmos. It is the Dark Force which permeates and motivates all of Nature, all of the Cosmos whether animate or inanimate! It balances the Universe, it is the Cosmocrator of the Pythagoreans! It is that which push/pulls ALL THINGS into birth/death. This force is also called ENTROPY for it consumes time/space and all things but, in doing so, new life is created. It is the Pythagorean Apeiron, the Hellenic and Hermetic Ouroboros, the serpent devouring its own tail - the alpha and the omega - the "solve et coagula" of the Pan Cults: (words written on the arms of the sitting Goat of Mendes), that is the dissolution and coagulation (manifesting) of existence! The doctrine is of the One (TO EN in Hellenic) and the All (TO PAN in Hellenic). All comes from the One and returns to the One - ergo The All IS The One (concept of Samsara in Tantra). The SAT (boundless darkness) TAN: (BECOMES, STRETCHES FORTH). Combine the words: SAT TAN. Knowing this requires Kundalini Yoga (Kundalini means Serpent). It is not energy, nor is it matter! However, it molds everything that is energy/matter. There is no stasis anywhere. The Satan PUSHES everything into existence and PULLS everything back to its doom or primary essence. It pushes/pulls at the SAME TIME. Goethe in his play about Faust said it this way: It WILLS the Evil - but DOES the Good!

Generational Satanists are merely people born INTO cultures that always had, STILL have, these traditions. They don’t all speak the same languages however, being raised in this and easily able to recognize THEIR OWN iconography, they can RECOGNIZE this in any form they see it in, easily. You doubt this? Ok: They can recognize it AS easily as a Catholic can recognize a Protestant cross! Or as easily as any Protestant could recognize the image of the Catholic Virgin Mary or any Catholic Saint. Just as any Roman could recognize their own God Mercury when they saw the God Hermes; or Venus when they saw Aphrodite, or Mars when they saw Aries! From childhood, they grow up INSIDE this culture; the iconography and imagery is automatically recognized - they don’t have to "figure it out!"

2. Pan Cult or Traditional Satanism

See essay "Real Wicca" for shorter version examples (compared to Robert Graves' massive volume, "White Goddess"). This was present in agrarian societies, primarily in the West. It’s very old, but not AS old (or pure) as the former. This definitely ties into Wicca, whether one wants to deny that or not.

You can find out ALL about Traditional Satanism (though modern Wiccans will deny it) by reading Robert Graves: "The White Goddess." He IS a scholar. This is Mother Goddess, Nine-Fold Muse, Tanist Son, or Pan cult WITCHCRAFT, with the howling dogs, wolves or jackals protecting the Mother Goddess. This type of Satanism was amongst the agrarian peoples in more rural areas. I need say no more on this except to point out that in the Middle Ages, the Pope and his Bishops clearly recognized a PAN cult - not so much a Mother Goddess Cult - where Pan became the Tanist son: and this took root amongst exploited and miserably persecuted people. It was like a revolt against a "Jesus" who had been turned into a monster of cruelty instead of the loving Prince of Peace. I will agree ENTIRELY with Michelet on this with regards to the European Middle Ages: all of it was a revolt against tyranny when the Pope controlled armies and was allied with cruel Kings. Revolt against Altar and Throne. This IS TRADITIONAL Satanism no matter what you call it: it was ADVERSARIALISM to the letter! The much later decadent and perverted practices of Royalty doing Black Masses, like LaVoisin, can be dismissed as NO FORM of Satanism: these people deserved to have their heads chopped off. Traditional Satanism is portrayed beautifully in the movie, "The Wicker Man." Note that it is entirely agrarian and NOT SO MUCH the Dark Doctrine at all.


Totally misunderstood but a "big deal" to MODERN Wiccan. See essay "Real Wicca" and "Tantra, Vajrayana, and Pythagoreanism " that document this thoroughly.

They have made Left Hand Path either evil, harmful, destructive and selfish; or they view it as a system where the Divine IS manifested in Nature, permeating it, motivating it (which is OK but WHY split something in half?) They have made Right Hand Path into good, helpful, creative and altruistic; or they view it as being opposed to the world, a doctrine of salvation. (This is NOT good, they’ve thrown BOTH HALVES in the garbage!). Consider it this way and stop dualizing everything: EVERYTIME YOU EAT - you obviously DEPRIVE another starving person of HIS share of the food. HA!

EASTERN DOCTRINES ONLY have what might LOOSELY be called left/right in terms of where a person SITS! Yup! Dark and Light are NOT CONCEIVED of as evil/good - not even remotely thought of in that manner by Eastern peoples OF these traditions. One is YIN and the other is YANG. The YIN CAN exist alone, however. The YANG CAN NOT! They are NOT dual halves of the same thing: NO! They are NOT some Western symmetry! The concepts themselves are ALIEN to Western thought save with the Pythagoreans who consider the Apeiron (boundless darkness) as self-existent and not in NEED of anything, including a half that’s light. The Slavic Pre-Christian tribes had the same identical concept and called it CHARNAYA BOG - nothing much is known of THEIR OWN Dark Doctrine: they got forcibly Christianized and it was obviously wiped out. It also didn’t help when Tatars that ruled them for so long became Moslems during Batu Khan’s time. But that concept of VITALITY of a kind can be seen there, even during Atheist Soviet Union times - their views of Nature were different from those in the West. Charnaya Bog means Black God. Kara Bog is Tatar for Black God: same as MAHAKALA of the Buddhist Tatars and Tibetans: GREAT BLACKNESS. NONE of these people were dualist and that they tuned into Dialectical Materialists is no surprise: that’s Dark Doctrine applied to the practical world of socio-economics and politics! The most recent PURE version of Dark Doctrine can be seen in Chairman Mao Tse-tung’s essay: "On Contradiction." I have an annotated version translating back the Communist words he uses into Doctrine words we all understand immediately. I will say, again, this doctrine is IMMEDIATELY recognizable to anyone BORN INTO this tradition.

3. Ophite-Jewish or early-Gnostic Satanism

This, early on, is comparable to Eastern Doctrines: See essay "Kaballa - Dark Tradition" for fuller explanation.

Ophites are of the Hebrew peoples originally and go back to the Seiri cults that Moses railed against: Moses called them Obites - hence the term "obic." Start with the Kaballistic Tree. The Sephiroth are equated with the Tantrik Arupa (Formless Beings), Hindu Asura, or Hellenic Archons ( Ancient Ones). In this system there is a Primogenitor - it is male/female. It was sometimes referred to as merely Thelema (Will). Next there is Binah or Sophia also called Agape (Love), who is the offspring of Primogenitor alone. Next Hochmah also called Logos (later Christos) is the Son born from Primogenitor and Mother. But then the Mother mingles/merges with the Son to emanate the other seven Sephiroth or Archons (In the Tantrik system there are FIVE Asuras and SEVEN Devas, that would be the Five Dharmas [truths] and Rupa [Forms]. The Bahu or Demiurge or Prana may or may not be believed to have spawned forth Sophia Achamoth (comparable to Ophioneus) (this depends on how early or late the Gnosticism is). In later Gnosticism of NON-Jews, this became dualized where Jehova was the father and Demiurge or Ilda Baoth (Ialdabaoth) was the Devil that cursed man to have flesh; or vice versa: Jehova was the Devil against creation of LIFE and the Demiurge was the True God that gave all fleshly things LIFE. Many later cults sprang from these amongst the Gentiles who dualized all of it. The Sephiroth, manifested as Elohim IN the world, were called, in the Hellenic language, Aeons (ancient but existing in Time, not outside of time as the Archons). In Tantra these are Rupa (formed), in Hinduism they are the Devas. Again, in later Gnostic religions amongst Gentiles, Aeons and Archons got switched around. It is interesting to note that the Aryan Persians also switched the Asuras and the Devas so that Asuras became their Ahura Mazda and all the Devas were demonized as children of Ahriman, such as Aeshma Devi (the Hebrew Ashmodai - Asmodeus)! These formless Arupa or Asura were also later believed by some (more religious types) to be a race of beings far more advanced than our own who live beyond or outside of our "World" or Cosmos. It is mythology about these Ideas that have come down through the Christian times, with much filtering and distortion, as gods, devils, angels, demons, djinn, afreet, and so on. Then they were perceived as beings that either possessed cosmic power and wisdom compared to ourselves, or had powers comparable to the Greek pantheon, and who often vied with each other (in later Gnostic thought amongst Gentiles). At first they were thought of as supernatural; even later Gnostic thought perceived them as not really supernatural per se, but still more advanced than mere man, and even later, smarter thinkers perceived them as elemental forces and tried to think of them in terms of science. Remember, this was amongst the Gentiles who turned this all into Gnostic-ISM having totally forgotten the concept of GNOSIS! Saying "Gnosticism" is like saying "Knowingism."

It was later believed that there were two ways to achieve Gnosis. One was through meditation where the mind is silenced, no thoughts occur (like in some Yogas) until only a single object of concentration remains where you try to focus that through the "Third eye." This deteriorated into the most insane and rigid forms of asceticism, where cult members would even murder babies born to them because to "make more flesh" was considered evil! The other idea to "get Gnosis" was in a kind of Dionysian experience where the mind is raised to a very high pitch of excitement while focus on an idea is fixed or maintained. And if you know ANY history, you can see that these deteriorated into the most twisted, perverted forms of sexuality possible to conceive of. (Odd how these things managed to constantly deteriorate in the Western World where dualist schizoids abound! Well, actually it’s NOT odd at all...)

But back to the normal methods of attaining Gnosis: There is a push/pull effect on the kundalini flow that might be felt. The eye-chakra and heart-chakra get merged and one KNOWS. I will add: Modern neurology would state that this is the ONLY way a person even has logic - to have feeling/thinking centers of the brain merged (you don’t FEEL this in the brain, but it IS happening in the brain). Another word for Gnosis in Taoism is Clarity. This doesn’t mean you know what the next lottery numbers are going to be. It means you WILL be capable of LOGIC and KNOWING regarding things of the physical world around you, and knowledge about yourself.

4. Pythagoreans or Western Generational (Note, Pytha means Serpent). See essay "Western Roots Part One" for details and "Tantra, Vajrayana and Pythagoreanism" for more detail and comparisons with other Dark Traditions. See also on Website www.apodion.com/vad/dark/index.shtml article "Generational Satanism" on that website

The Pythagorean system, while not Gnostic, termed the Five Truths on the pentacle (starting from the bottom point and going clockwise): Zoos, Psyche, Physis, Hypopteros Drys, and Dikaion. These principles are how Pythagoreans might be said to "categorized entropic force working in the world." The "awful" forms of these Five Truths, or Howler Forms (defenders of these five principles that shouldn’t ever be IN the world) were : Ophioneus, Echidna, Cthonie, Eurynome, and Callirhoe. The LINES CONNECTING Alphas on the Pentacle also had functions: The line connecting Dikaion to Physis was called Epieikeia (Equity). The line connecting Dikaion to Psyche was called Eleutheria (Freedom/Liberty) and the line connecting Psyche to Hypopteros Drys was called Omonoia (Unity). Do you recognize those words as Masonic in ENGLISH? They are quite famous! In modern times they are said this way: Equality, Liberty, Brotherhood! Equity, Liberty, Unity! RECOGNIZE IT? Also, the line going straight up the center of the pentacle from the bottom point and crossing through the intersection in the middle of the star was called Eros.

When I say the Pythagorean system was not Gnostic, it doesn’t mean that Pythagoreans didn’t have GNOSIS. Gnost-ICS were like "Know-ISTS." Gnosis means to KNOW as if with direct perception. This system goes back to the Orphics who preceded the Pythagoreans and about whom much GARBAGE has been written. Here’s the straight dope. Go get the Pre-Socratic stuff and READ IT IN THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE and see for yourself! Within the Pentacle of the Pythagoreans is not just the Pentagon, but also the Double Headed Eagle if one knows what to look for (sorry, I don’t have the ability to make graphics here). There is also the Double Headed Eagle or the Tem Oph Ab (Duplex Avis Generation). Eagle being more like a feathered Serpent. Tem Oph Ab is Baphomet spelled backwards by the way. Bahu Mid was the Babylonian name of the Baphe Metis. It means Baptism/initiation into measurement, the metric system.

What is a Devil Worshiper?

It can be one of three distinct things:

1. Anyone that has any of the Satanic Traditions and is accused of worshiping a Devil by Christians or Moslems!

2. Anyone from a NON-Satanic tradition that in-his-heart identifies the Satanic concepts WITH the antithesis of his own religion (Christian or Moslem) - and so decides to FEEL that he is worshiping a Devil! A dual opposite of a God he really still believes in.

3. Particularly decadent (insanely so) people who try to "latch onto" Dark Doctrines in order to FEEL "big and bad" or in order to justify some utterly perverted act they desire to commit. The worse of them worship what ANYONE IN ANY SOCIETY would call "evil" as their own moral absolute. (E.g., harming torturing an innocent child - anyone would consider that evil.)

They ALL are still wallowing in a dogma they were born into and think that, to be a Satanist, they must use that dogma in REVERSE, turn all Christian or Moslem beliefs upside down. They are usually unable to see even GOOD IDEAS from Christianity or Islam.

The Satanist does not recognize "good and evil" per se - only cause and effect. (E.g., when bombing countries in war, many innocent children are killed or mutilated: but it’s GOOD to bomb the enemy.....

or so the reasoning goes and EVERYONE reasons that way! EVERYONE!)

What about animal sacrifices?

Do Satanists engage in animal sacrifice? No. But the Christian Santeria cults DO - and now it’s legal! Jews also have a ceremony they do to make meet Kosher which many others think is cruel to animals. Keep in mind, ALL people used to hunt and kill their own meat (animals). No big deal. Otherwise (without stating what we might think or feel about these two examples), little asocial brats that delight in torturing animals should be SHOT before they grow up and become serial killers.

What do Satanists feel about sex?

Not much ado about it. It’s how all animals make more of themselves - by mating. When a girl is FERTILE she is a woman - in most cultures this holds true today. When a boy matures, he is a man. Homosexuality: it is purely dependent on the rest of the culture one lives in. No comment. These days it might be wiser for Christians to ask "What do MOSLEMS feel about sex!"

What do Satanists feel about eating?

Uh.... no one ever asks that question.

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