2. WE HERE AT THIS WEBSITE HOPE THAT THE ARTICLES MENTIONED HERE ARE FORTHCOMING. This was written by Mr. Turner to Mr. Stewart. Stewart's original email was posted on a message board and also on alt.satanism. We do not reproduce it here because it is unintelligible and because he feels he "got into big trouble with Peter Gilmore" for writing it that way. In other words, he removed it himself.

Mr. Turner said:

In the "Questions and Answers" section in the general access area of this board [what board? ed.] is a thread called "Satanism and Freedom." Both posts I placed in that thread deal with areas of convergence in the Satanic/Fascistic dynamic, and some of their values.


CJT (Christopher J. Turner)

"Now I know that truth, beauty and nobility are eternal. They cannot be debased by the Lie. They cannot be destroyed by the Lie. Only mankind can be debased by the Lie; the Lie is not an enemy of truth, it is an ally of truth. It prepares the way, it balances the books and it cleans the slate. Now I've learned to love the Lie. I love the poison it spreads and I love the weakness it engenders."

Editor's Note: Stewart claimed, later on, to have gone to the place specified in this message and claimed he did not find any articles. Others tried to find them, but to no avail. Stewart claimed that he replied a second time and attempted to get these articles but with no luck. Finally, a third time, explaining to Chris Turner that the articles were not on the website, he waited over one week and so did everyone else. The reply he claimed to have received was similar to this one; in essence, Mr. Turner chose to tell him to "go fetch the article." Well, the article is nowhere to be fetched and no one else can locate it either. Stewart found this overt evasion curious and said so, since Mr. Turner was able to easily email him this message above. Perhaps he never saved them, perhaps they are lost.

Christopher Turner, however, maintains that he told Stewart exactly where to find these articles and Stewart did not go and get them when they were available on the website specified by Mr. Turner. Tani Jantsang asked Stewart to get them since, as the person formatting his original project, he needed to show just what this "fascist ideal" was from the horse's mouth, so to speak. Stewart maintained that he "refused to go fetch it." As a result of that, these particular articles were never found and do not appear in here. If Mr. Turner would like to submit them, we'd be glad to make them part of this joint effort.

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