I am not sure exactly when this fascist ideology permeated a group of enlightened beings or how we allowed it to slip through the cracks. I am unaware of the origin of this plague on our way of life, but I do know the disease is spreading fast. And, if left unchecked, may destroy our way of life.

Those among you who have yet to truly see the root of these philosophies may not understand my utter disgust with those who preach from this particular pulpit all the while wearing their Baphomet like a "Red Badge of Courage." But to one who has not only dissected the words of the Dark Doctrines and works of Doctor LaVey, but has also taken the time to feel the spirit of these works, it is apparent that one can not be both a Satanist and follow either of these political philosophies. They ARE mutually exclusive conceptualizations!

Our entire belief system is based on the concept of responsibility. We place personal responsibility above all else. We are responsible for our successes as well as our failures. We accept that no supernatural father figure is looking down on us from on high guiding our every move. We believe that we exist merely on our own merit, for good or ill.

To acknowledge anyone as a dictator or superior goes against the very nature of our being. Furthermore, to be acknowledged as superior to another is also against our nature. Some people may disagree, but my arguments are convincing.

First, a dictator exists by the grace of his subjects. That means dictators are dependent on another person or group of persons for their power. This is not the way we are. It is the antithesis of our ideals. It exposes the low self esteem of the person. It is NOT Satanic! It can not be by the very basis of our beliefs. To be dependent on another for our self worth would betray our sense of self, or it betrays the lack of true understanding. This sad excuse for a Satanist would be living in the world of self delusion while claiming to be a member of a group that defies illusion.

Do I mean by this that we are not superior? NO! By this I mean that superiority is not a goal or even a concern for the true follower of the Left Hand Path! We are too busy with the things that concern us! We do not have the time to worry about what others may think of our achievements, projects, or goals.

Which brings us to the real reason these disillusioned few turn to talk of the elite and fascism. They crave power which they themselves are incapable of achieving. The equate self worth with the clout they wield. The fools! They continually search without for what must exist within if it is to exist at all. To hide their own inadequacy they rally other like minded and incompetent people to their infantile cries of superiority, stratification, and elitism. They replace the foundation of responsibility with an attitude of "I can do whatever the hell I please with absolutely no concern for consequence." There is nothing Satanic about their rhetoric. They are not Satanic! Fortunately, they will never understand the true power that freedom and responsibility together can bring. This will be the root of their undoing.

It has been said that a "house divided can not stand." Of this we need not fear. These imbeciles have never been members of our house. They can not destroy it. They admit, by their own actions, that they lack the power.

Ben, Mr. Faust

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