Pro-Fascist Magister Nagy of the Church of Satan
with news clippings quoting him.

After reading the other responses there wasn't much I felt I could contribute to this since everyone else said what I wanted to say and covered just about every angle of it. I won’t comment on the historical reality of National Socialism or Fascism (two different things that have apparently been confused by modern Americans who are "into" these real historical movements as a form of fantasy or escapism).

What I did, instead, was try to find something pro-fascist in Satanism and comment upon that. I found Faustus Scorpius' article, but he seems to be speaking more about Socialism than about Fascism; countries that, at least in the beginning before they had delusions of conquering the world, had cooperative and helpful systems for their own people. I also noted that the Scorpius article is already up. (I didn't notice that before). I might add here that I am wholly in favor of Adolf Hitler and his National Socialist Worker's Party for Germans (NSDAP), but am deeply saddened by the road he took after 1939 and by the hallucinatory vision he had of the Jews, many of whom were thoroughly German, many of whom were World War One heros, many of whom were Christian converts three generations back. I think he would have been hailed as one of the greatest men that ever lived, had he not tried to bite off more than he could chew and had he not had such an insane idea about people of this other religion. I feel that Adolf Hitler did for the German People what Stalin did for the Soviets (i.e., made life better for the working people of his nation): the two should not have warred since they were both Socialists - and both nationalists in their own way.

In searching around, however, I found something interesting and confused. In an interview with John Raptis of the "600 Club" (sic), Magister Jeff Nagy of the Church of Satan (see picture above) had this to say to this question:

Question asked by the interviewer: "Do you see fascism as an integral role of Satanism?"

Magister Nagy's answered: "You mean like the strong subjugating the weak? Hell yes I do! One might as well ask,"do you see fascism alive in nature"? Of course you do. There is no equality anywhere on the planet, and with that, there are strong entities and weak one's. People should read 'Might is Right' by Ragnar Redbeard for examples of fascism and inequality in action. Nature is defined by strength, humanity by weakness. Non combative beings make no progress. Fascism is the introduction of Primal Law!"

I'd like to address this "answer," or rather the kind of answer it is since the sentiments he clearly displays are not those of the National Socialist.

1. "The strong subjugating the weak." Does he refer to schoolyard bullies? They usually pick on the brightest and most intelligent "nerds" in the schools. They usually are not fit psychologically to lead in an intelligent manner befitting, at least, any race or nation with civilization in mind that's higher than that of the savage.

2. "There is no equality alive on the planet." This is to say that no two things are alike. This is true; in Nature diversity always prevails. But this fact has nothing whatsoever to do with what I'm sure is his idea of survival of the fittest, strength, weakness, or what have you. Some of the"weakest" creatures can take down an entire species.

3. He refers here to "strong entities and weak ones." What does that mean? Well, he clarifies (ahem) that with the suggestion that people read Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard. Ok. What has that got to do with "entities" (we assume he means organisms) that can take down entire species? Nothing.

4. He then further confuses his statement with "examples of fascism and inequality." Murky thinking, I use the word advisedly: "thinking."

The basic problem here is that Magister Nagy, who I am using as an exemplar of "Nazi Satanists," is ignorant of both real history and also real biology. The rest of what he is saying is undefiled rubbish, confused ignorance on a podium. "Nature is defined by strength" (his very human concept of that) and "humanity [is defined] by weakness?" And, "Non combative beings make no progress." Actually, non cooperative beings make no progress - that is what Nature is really like. That has been empirically proven but this COS Magister doesn't seem to grasp the concept, or even to be aware of the real knowledge biologists have uncovered regarding Nature and her ways. Then he claims that "fascism is the introduction (?) of Primal Law." What? What Primal Law?

Actually, it is better to say that, in Nature, everything is relative depending on the environmental conditions and timing. A small pirch is indefinetly stronger than a white shark when both are placed in the freshwater natural environment for the pirch. A dumb bully with overgrown musculature is much stronger than a small, skinny and unfit hacker in "real life." When both are online, it is the other way around. Last, but definitely not least, a weak, pacifist, Jewish fellow named Julius Oppenheimer, by using his mind alone, was stronger than all the imperial might of Japan. (Adolf Hitler never said Jews were inferior or stupid; he merely regarded them as an element whose cultural influences were anathema to the Germanic Folkways.) And, oddly enough, it was due to his pacifist ethics that he created a weapon capable of eradicating all of human life and poisoning the entire planet! Delivering the weapon didn't require any "might" in the sense Ragnar Redbeard or Magister Nagy mean that. A child could have flown the plain and pushed the button that blew Nagasaki to smitherenes.

People that know anything at all about Nature would tend to avoid the terms "weak" and "strong" when dealing with Nature as a whole. Of course it is valid to think in terms of, and operate in a framework of, "less or more complex" underlining sophistication of the biological organism and its suitability for the ecological niche it lives in. Eventually, this "sophistication thing" (cytoarchitectonics, metabolic efficiency, etc.) comes down to the entropy level of the biological system/entity! And from this viewpoint, prions are quite advanced despite having a molecular weight that is half of the purified tetanus toxin.

Charles Darwin did not describe evolution as being characterized by "subjugation of the weak by the strong" or other such nonsense: he said it is characterized by "Survival of the Fittest." In Darwinian terms, Fitness for an organism means being in harmony with its environment, including other organisms (both of its own species and sometimes even of other species). The reams of tripe writen about "Social Darwinisn" in Nature by both deliberate propagandists and by scientifically ignorant men are as worthless as the reams of tripe written about Nature by clerical apologists and other religious lunatics.

Charles Darwin said that humanity is indeed a weak species: one that has been able to survive only by cooperation! All of humanity’s technological, social, political, and cultural achievements have been due to cooperation. Cooperation is, and has been, humanity’s strength.

On the other hand, societies ridden with internal oppression, that have acted in accordance with Magister Nagy’s ideal of "the strong subjugating the weak," have proven themselves extremely weak and vulnerable to conquest from without and revolution from within: cases in point, the Weimar Republic, the Mexican Aztec empire, and the Russian Tsarist regime. I will also point out that such oppression-based societies thrive on religious insanity and the suppression or perversion of normal human/animal instincts and inclinations. In biological terms, their survival strategy of "the strong conquering the weak" is not an ESS or "Evolutionarily Stable Strategy." They stagnate and self-destruct every time they arise. In other words, they are not "fit" or in tune with the rest of Nature, and therefore they perish.

Magister Nagy is quoted in a newspaper headline as praising the Nazis for their efficiency. In reality, in the end, it must be concluded that much of what the Nazis did was extremely wasteful: the opposite of efficiency. Prisoners in concentration camps were made to do useless work, such as repeatedly moving heavy rocks – just for the sadistic enjoyment of their captors (c.f. Hitler’s Willing Executioners by Daniel Jonah Goldhagen). The Nazi political movement, as it progressed and became distorted, destroyed itself through its delusional notion of world domination: through it’s obsessive hang-up on the "master/slave" mentality - the same obsession that has poisoned and destroyed so many other civilizations built on oppression or which became oppressive. (Adolf Hitler, during this period, was being literally poisoned by Dr. Morell who used mind-altering drugs. This historical fact is ignored by both critics and admirers of Hitler and by all who analyze this period of history.)

As others have pointed out, the modern Americans who enjoy imagining themselves as Fascists are the types of people who would be the first to be sent to the concentration camps if real fascism or National Socialism were to hold sway in American politics. Outside of their "ritual chambers" and Internet chat rooms, where they engage in fantasy role-play as "powerful Satanists," these men and women are people who, for the most part, have been abused and oppressed throughout their lives, often in their own families and in the schoolyard.

As children, they were the "spaniels" that Anton LaVey metaphorically described as rolling over to receive more punishment, because they were too cowardly to stand up to the parents and schoolmates who abused them. They escape the realty of their own cowardliness, the reality that they have been doormats throughout their lives, by making ignorant proclamations about Hitler and Satanism and similar drivel. This is a form of escapism, and it only serves to keep them in the chains they wear as underdogs in American society.

The truth is that these self-styled "Fascist Satanists" are all ugly, misshapen people – the types that no one wants to breed with. They are as anathema to the spirit of National Socialism as the Jews were in Germany. They are people that this society/population effectively (by its deeds) classifies as "genetic garbage." In the case of Magister Nagy, one look at the man and you know why he doesn't want to be who he really is: that must be apparent to him every time he looks at himself in a mirror. The adoration these misfits express for the Nazis (who advocated the genetic superiority of a very specific human type – a physical type very different from Magister Nagy and others "into" the Nazis) must be coupled with extreme revulsion at their own physical bodies and pathetic selves. They are The Conquered, fantasizing about being The Sadistic Conquerors they wish they were, instead of dealing honestly with reality and their real limitations in the world. Furthermore, they defecate on the true spirit of National Socialism which was eminently bright and open, even innocent.

Contrary to the fantasies of these real-life, unfit losers, there are no "strong" or "weak" political ideologies. As others who wrote to the Project have pointed out, fascist politics are adapted by weak nations, beaten nations, and Adolf Hitler never denied this. The real indicator of a political movement’s strength or fitness is its survival. Fascism is dead. Evolutionarily speaking, it is a loser. There are still many countries, however, that are Nationalistic and Socialistic and they are doing quite well. They are considered Left on the political spectrum.

Magister Nagy and his ilk are invariably hen-pecked, wimpy losers throwing a spiteful temper tantrum against themselves by dressing up in Hitler Drag. Most people would take one look at someone like Magister Nagy and see a pathetic farce. An FBI profiler would recognize him as precisely the type of man that often becomes a child molester or abuser, or a serial killer. If the "Fascist Satanists" ever got the Fascism they wished for, they would be the first to be swept away as degenerate garbage. I don't need to further comment on the self-admitted fact that Anton LaVey hankered after "Aryan stereotyped" women; nor do I need to mention that he was, after all, a Jew. This was one of the things the German folk were very upset about, as evidenced on billboards present during that era. This is not a statement against Anton LaVey; it's just a curious fact that he admitted freely.

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