15. QUOTES FROM THE BLACK ORDER'S "NATIONAL SOCIALISM AND SATANISM," Article can be viewed in full at www.november9.org

Here TBO explains to a Comrade what TBO is: "TBO is not a National Socialist organization per se. The role of National Socialist philosophy and the Third Reich on the Aeonic destiny of the European is however very much a part of its terms of reference. Similarly, TBO is not a Satanic organization per se, although again, Satanism is considered relevant to its purposes, which I shall explain. What TBO primarily is, is an esoteric Order established to re-presences the repressed ("Shadow") soul of the European folk, which has been stifled by Judaeo-Christianity and its ideological and plutocratic offshoots."

Here TBO explains National Socialist and Satanist connections: "To the extent that National Socialism and Satanism are both part of a SINISTER DIALECTIC (i.e. a pragmatic strategy) to crush the deniers of our destiny and re-presence that part of our folkish soul which has been repressed, they are relevant to TBO. We seek above all, to reinvigorate our folk by again making it a TOTALITY, aware of its place in the Cosmos, and of its starbound destiny and potential towards Godhood. "

Here the TBO explains their theory of National Socialism & Aeonics: "National Socialism was the political form of an Esoteric Current in Europe which was then represented by The Thule Society. The Third Reich was a SEEDING of the future European Imperium. It created new archetypes and martyrs of the European folk with its BLOOD SACRIFICE and epic heroism in the service of that Destiny. Hitler was the central figure of that COSMIC DRAMA, but he did not seem to regard himself as the final embodiment of the Vindex/Kalki that was/is awaited by the European Esoteric Current. Rather he was something of a "John-the-Baptist" establishing the way ("seeding") for "the one that would come after," as he himself stated." The Identity Christian movement people believe the same exact thing although they see Satanism, especially the Satanism of Anton LaVey, as part of the "Zionist World Government" or ZOG and they look with hostility at any Satanists, especially from the Church of Satan, "infiltrating" their ranks.

TBO continues to expound on their theory: "Therefore the first experiment - The Third Reich - was not the final - aborted - form of the European Imperium, but the prelude to something greater to come: something nothing less than cosmic and starbound in scope. The Current established by the Blood Sacrifice of National Socialism lives (emphasis Ed.) esoterically/psychically in the Unconscious not only of the European folk, but even of its enemies whose hatred and persecution only empower it further."

Here TBO expounds upon the word "Satan" borrowing from the literature made avilable by Jantsang/Marsh whose ad is on this website: "Since the Hebrew culture is an amalgam and adaptation of the various cultures encountered by the Hebrews, its should not be a surprise if "Satan" is NOT of Hebrew origin." In fact, Ha Satan is most definitely of Hebrew origin. TBO continues: "The English "traditional Satanists" The Order of Nine Angles (who promote National Socialism as embodying our Aeonic destiny) trace the etymology of "Satan" to Greek, meaning "an accusation ([greek lettering unavailable]see Ed. note, it is available to us along with the proper Attic Greek word) from whence the Hebrew Satan, "the accuser." The Greek (Hellenic and Attic) word, from their legal system, was Diabolus and meant to sit across (Dia) and throw darts (Bolus) in Dialogue, another Hellenic/Attic tradition. The Hebrew word Ha Satan, The Accuser, predates the Hellenic/Attic Greek culture by a few thousand years. Despite their promotion of the ONA Grandmaster as a Greek Scholar, we rather see a man who is more the equivalent of Afrocentric "scholars" of Egyptology who are unable to read a single hieroglyph. In Attic Greek which is what the classics were all written in, and which predates Christian NT Greek by about 500 years or more, the words for Devil are shown here. We have no problem refuting rubbish:

which is pronounced "Herinys."

which is pronounced "alastor."

Here is where TBO commits a "theft of culture" attributing non-Aryan ideas of other people to Aryans while borrowing from Jantsang/Marsh without giving them due credit: "Others connect "Satan" to the Indo-Aryan (correction, Deva Nagari word) SAT the Dark entropic force infusing Nature (No one in the neo-Satanic movement knew of this until Jantsang/Marsh told this to Kerry Bolton and others and explained it in the literature they've sold for years. The Aryans had no such concepts as is pointed out by Eliade, a scholar of the region and its peoples. "Sat" is the Boundless Darkness, the BEing; it is not a dark entropic force. He continues: "(somewhat reminiscent of the recently discovered "dark mass" that physicists say permeates the cosmos). This has absolutely nothing to do with dark matter or dark mass: absolutely nothing! "Sat" means BEing and is passive; "Tan" means stretching forth, that is, the "Sat" becomes active or "Becomes." Being Becomes. "Asat" means non-Being."

He now mentions the Dark Force in Nature forgetting to mention that the Aryans, notably, never had such a concept as an Idea for either a force or a Deity. The peoples of the East are noted for being the ones who have these Ideas and these Traditions, some in a very pure form. As you can see, he brushes over this so as not to mention just who these cultures are: "Many, probably most cultures have equivalents of this Dark Force. It is manifest in the creative/destructive power of SHIVA, and the cosmic interplay of Shakti/Shiva. It is represented in the Norse myth of Ragnarok where the dark hordes of Loki, Fenrir, et al. instigate the cosmic cataclysm which clears the way for a new cosmic order: a cyclic process of Creation/Destruction/Renewal, without which there would be stasis and decay.

Here, TBO continues on his theory of Satan as The Accuser: "In its more widely known aspect as "adversary and accuser" Satan is the archetype that instigates rebellion and heresy against the status quo. Medieval Satanism was the response of pagan folk to the repression of the Church. Today, we of TBO think it more fitting that the adversity and accusation be directed against plutocracy, whether in its Puritan, Jewish, or Vatican forms, which seek to LEVEL all under the doctrines of Universalism and cosmopolitism, euphemistically called the "New World Order." He neglects to point out one obvious and well-known fact: it was the Jews who were demonized during those days.

He finishes his note by defining the goals of the TBO: "TBO seeks a cross-current of Fascism/NS/paganism/Satanism, all of which share fundamentals such as the ascent of man to Godhood within a Nature-based order. Most Satanists are pro-Fascist to some extent, and there has long been an interaction between post-war Fascists and Satanists. We here would have to wonder which Satanists he knows. Most real Satanists are indeed loners and are unknown to these popular neo-Satanic groups. The literary Satanists of the past were notably on the political Left of things.

Here TBO prints a disclaimer lest they be accused of the usual misdeeds after backing an oranization, the ONA, that brags about human sacrifices: "As for 'killing cats, dogs, and pigs,' this is akin to asking National Socialists about 'The Holocaust' and 'lampshades of human skin,' etc. Satanists as pagans attuned to Nature tend to be animal lovers, whom I'm sure would applaud the animal protection measures which were pioneered by the Third Reich. It is generally acknowledged that the National Socialists did not regard the Jews as animals: they regarded them as demons and their influence and intelligence as demonic and cunning. This thoroughly Christian sentiment prevalent in the Third Reich is only too well known.

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