The Nazi's were indeed determined to wipe the Jews from the face of the earth, but that is certainly not the end of the matter. The first "ghettos" were initiated there as a means not only to separate and destroy the Jewish population, but it must also be remembered that half of the Polish population who were killed were not Jewish at all. The number of these is about 3 million (sited from Terese Pencak Schwartz, "Five Million Forgotten"). This says nothing of the victims of the Holocaust who were guilty only of homosexuality, who today wear the "Pink Triangle" symbol proudly to remember the fact that homosexuals were forced to wear this in the concentration camps.

The Nazi's had their own political reasons for forming the Third Reich, and certainly from WW1 onward the economic state of Germany was in constant decline. It is only natural that a people will suffer oppression for only so long before rising up to face their oppressors, or anyone perceived as an oppressor, but it must be always remembered that the National Socialist movement gained it's ascendancy and popularity among an oppressed and defeated people before becoming the means of liberating them. At no time has National Socialism [Hitlerian style, Ed.] been favorable to a people already strong. It was a case of a beaten down and abused people adopting an extreme solution to end their problems for good, whatever the cost; and in that state of mind, provoked as it was by brilliant statesmen and music designed specifically to invoke fanaticism, a people are no longer sane.

Regarding the "symbols," the Swastika today is considered to be "atrocious" but certainly was not considered so at the time of the Third Reich. There is certainly strong evidence to support that Hitler, or at least those around him, either had or adopted certain racial views which involved reincarnation and other "occult" ideas as taught in the German Lodges, so that in order to justify the murder of the Jews and others they adopted the belief that they were merely "saving" them from their inferior bodies, allowing them to be reborn, perhaps as Aryans, into a next life. The symbol itself is a Rune called "Sowelu" in the Elder Futhark, and represents the "Ray" or the Sun. At any rate, that Hitler or the Nazis themselves, or anyone at that time, saw the Swastika as "evil," even in the case of the "herd," is not likely.

"Herd Mentality" does not mean grouping together for a common goal. Hitler did not rise to power by his own might and strength, but rather he was, for all intents and purposes, the "collective will of the German people personified."

The Nazi's were not necessarily attacking first, but they certainly went to the far extreme with inexcusable crimes against humanity. If might truly is right then the Herd must be acknowledged as superior, for there is undoubtable strength in numbers! The question of National Socialism (Nazism) within e.g., the CoS is not one of a truly political nature, for the CoS is not a nation, nor is Satanism a nationality. The question is more one of natural implications.

"Strength through Joy" may have indeed been the Hitlerian ideal, but what of it's fulfillment? What joy is there to be found in a hunted man, hiding underground, committing suicide to avoid the results of his "strength?" The faces associated with Hitler and National Socialism are the not faces of Joy, nor have they ever been.

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