First of all, let us not grossly confuse two entirely different things: Fascism and National Socialism.

Fascism is what you see in the Christian Coalition today - a FASCES of united but varying types of Christians (and some non-Christian religious people, too) that used to bicker amongst each other; but united as a FASCES now, they all have One Common Goal. SMASHING US is one of those goals. You can easily see what this Fascism is by joining a huge Fascist organization right here in the USA: the Christian Coalition.

National Socialism is SOCIALISM either in one country or amongst one ethnic group sharing a language/culture/territory. But it is nonetheless SOCIALISM. It is no different from Marxism in terms of economic practices and is pro Labor, pro working classes, (The Working Class) and it is against an aristocracy that would exploit the workers. A National Socialist government now, in the USA, might be racist or might not be - but it would definitely nationalize industry, close the borders and raise the wages of the working class! It would TAKE money from those that would otherwise exploit, and use that money to raise the wages of those who WORK to make those all those corporate profits. Pat Buchannan claims he would DO this. If you want National Socialism: VOTE BUCHANNAN. Be aware that such Nationalistic Socialism (Nationalistic anything, in fact) would also favor the MAJORITY religious and cultural stream: and that IS Christian culture in the USA.

The bimbos that get into the "Concentration Camp hard ons for Nazis" seem not to understand this basic difference. National Socialism is a FAR LEFT movement. Fascism is a FAR RIGHT movement. The two do NOT converge. National Socialism is pro working class and peasant. Fascism is pro ruling classes (rich in the USA) pro corporation and pro military which enforces the laws, usually against the working classes, women and even children. BIG difference.

It is Left Wing people and Marxist propagandists who repeated the lie that "Hitler was a Fascist." They repeated this (indoctrination) in order to prevent anyone from thinking that Stalin or Mao were ALSO "Nazis." Consider it: Both Stalin and Mao, despite their "internationalist rhetoric" were Socialist-in-One-Country. Stalin was very different from Lenin and the original Bolsheviks (heh, some say he hunted those guys down and killed them....) This Left-wing propaganda and distortion took root during the heyday of the Far Left in the USA. Why? I say it again: Stalin also had socialism in one country! So did Mao Tsetung! Same thing! The National Bolshevik movement in the xUSSR, right now, fully realizes this - they aren't brainwashed nor are they political idiots.

As to the perception or online crap or whatever else it is: Peggy Nadramia, in her article, can exculpate and exonerate the "kinky fetish for Nazis and EEEEVIL" all she would like. She is clearly catering to immature boys who have yet to GROW UP and GET OVER IT. Meanwhile they make HELL for anyone not into their "thang." They play "Der Fuehrer" with members of their own organization and some newbies. Only people within the organization would NOT tell them to fuck off. Holding people's memberships or titles over their heads is CULT behavior! An odd thing to actually see since TBF printed Selwyn's article and agreed with it. People in other organizations definitely won't play this head game and they'll attack anyone they see AT THE TOP condoning it! And her statement that heh, "the Dark Force is a fascist force" is just about the most inane statement I've ever heard; it's stupider than "slurs and glommings" I make when I say "the Dark Force IS entropy" without bothering to explain a damned thing such as "increase of chaos, increases of entropy" or whatever it was Mengele and Marsh wrote with a lot more exactitude. (An article on this by Mengele & Marsh can be seen at http://www.apodion.com/vad/dark/entropy_tech.shtml) Chaos is the opposite of Fascism, if anything the Dark Force has everything to do with CHAOS – not with order! Fascism is clearly a very bright kind of "little boy's" movement; it is, in the modern world, a reversion to primitive tribalism within a capitalist framework inevitably embarked upon by beaten and broken people within a conquered nation (whether that be a bonafide nation as in Europe, or an internal colony as the blacks are in the USA).

The reality is, however, that there are REAL neo Nazis (really pro fascists since none of them even know what the "socialism" stands for in the word....), KKK, Identity Christians well over 30,000 strong (just the listed ones in this country), and they are interwoven deeply into the Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell type Christian Coalition trying to take over the government right now and following behind George W. Bush. These very real Fascists HATE the COS, they HATE Dr. LaVey as a "Jewish agent of ZOG" (the extremists say that and a lot worse) they HATE the kinky sex advocated by what they openly call the demented asocials of society responsible for the filth, decay and demoralization of the youth - and this would definitely include the neo-Nazi Satanists. On the other side of the coin, there are the very powerful Jewish organizations and I'm quite surprised that they have NOT taken note already: but do you know what that seems suspicious to, to the far-right fanatics? The "Ubiquitous Agents of ZOG" might well be BEHIND this trend in the COS. Why? The ADL, as a known fact, has set up some of the BEST neo-Nazi movements in the country, only in order to trap and catch not just the angry kids into it, but the seriously minded types in government and in the entire Christian movement. This is no different from FBI "COINTELPROs" and if anyone thinks they don't do that they are not living in the real world. THAT the quasi-Satanists into this fetish have NOT been persecuted by the Jewish groups, or more notably by Morris Dies, is even more proof positive, in the minds of the white nationalist extremists, that the COS IS INDEED operating as a JEWISH FRONT GROUP when they promote Nazism. This may be false, it probably IS false, but trust me, ALL of the real neo-Nazis, Identity Christians and that type - BELIEVE IT. I have seen MUCH literature on this - advocating "kill the Anti-Christ." But they don't tell us who that is. Then in a separate piece of literature I read that "the Jew LaVey had a child with the Whore of Babylon and this son of his is Anti-Christ." SON? Do they mean XERXES? Add the two pieces of literature together: 1. kill the anti-Christ and, 2. the anti-Christ is Doc LaVey's son. Add it up.

By all means, keep having fun. Keep jerking off with Nazi uniforms on. Pant pant pant. Don't believe me. Carry on. When and if tragedy occurs and blood is spilled - remember I said this.

Peggy Nadramia is not a political person. I AM. Did she ever have her phone tapped? Her mail opened? Was she ever followed or called in to be questioned by the FBI? Did she ever do subversive acts - REALLY subversive? NO! Does she have any conception of what it would be like for a Cointelpro to be launched against the COS? NO! I do. In fact, I and others familiar with this wonder if it has BEEN done! Is this what we are seeing now? Who knows. NO ONE WOULD KNOW!

Does anyone in the COS realize that the First Reich was the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE? Reich = Holy Roman Empire. So it is only amusing to me that Cultural Christians are sexually hung up on, or sublimating their own inner rage on, the Third Holy Roman Empire (Reich). It's a joke. As one old timer said to me: "Too many kids with bald heads getting away with being assholes."

I can tell you something that can easily be proven and which both Mag's Gilmore and Nadramia know. J.G., formerly a high agent of the ADL, retired (??) from the ADL and set up a political amendment campaign, "Anti-Racial Busing Campaign." Normally such things are very hard to get going and get approved. However JG's was RUSHED through Tallahassee and approved immediately by Lee Atwater. It got bigger, expanded, included more things than just forced busing for purposes of forced integration. There were MANY allies and don't you think we KNOW who they were? He was on TV - immediately! He was GIVEN a cable show and had access to Heritage Foundation (also on TV) and all that. All doors were open for him, no doors were shut. SOMEONE wanted this to be done! And so it was. The specific issue of the ARBC was the forced busing of school children for purposes of forced integration. J.G., remember, formerly high agent in ADL, became a lifetime member of quite a few right wing, acceptable, above board think tanks. And by the way, we won in the right-wing Christian Supreme Court on the busing issue. What were two people born into Satanic cultures (JG Ophite, myself Tantrik/Pythagorean) doing cooperating with the Christian Coalition? Bending people to our own Wills, joining people that never would have joined before and MAKING IT HAPPEN. That's what Satanists DO; they don't go around yabbering about SATAN or making targets out of themselves. That is a true Working: we made our Wills MANIFEST.

Fascism, dictatorship, bosses, repressive atmosphere, all that, is the diametric opposite of Satanism - not just modern Satanism, but even Christian INVERSIONIST Satanism. It amounts to a clique of little boys, failures in life's real competitive world, that get into the COS or the FCOS or the TOS or whatever organization is out there, form their little cliques of asskissers and dominators, and then commence to play DICK-tator within the confines of these tiny little organizations. They have STIFLED speech from the heart and promoted repressive secrecy - just like in any ultra Christian home. They are NOT content to be "evil" in the eyes of the herd, as Rev. Nemo spoke of in his Pseudosatanism article or as Peter Gilmore keeps saying in defense of this trendiness (we note that he doesn't frequent the places where this bullshit is going on so....). Defense of it? They play this little game WITHIN the organization and on other members. They should expect retaliation! And what prompted Stewart to even start this Project? Eh, someone playing DICK-tator to him? I don't know what started him on this since he never was able to quite articulate it. I did, however, see chat logs (they were posted on alt.satanism) where the dialogue between him and others in #satannet sounded like the script to a scene from a movie that could be called, "Interrogation at the Lubyanka."

Who but a person used to some kind of utterly repressive home would tolerate that kind of shitty treatment? Not anyone I know, not even a peacenik Christian. Oh, former abuse victims would FIT RIGHT IN!!! THAT they have either caused hundreds of people NOT to join after they got subjected to it, or caused many others to turn away - or worse, join the ranks of those pestering the COS (who knows what goes on in other organizations) so badly now that it seems that magazines can't get produced on time, is not a positive thing.

Now let me hear all the whaa whaa and excuses for saying it up front. Hey, NO LOSS TO ME!!! :) It's no LOSS to me if someone prefers to "judge" those who are turned away as "foolish, mistaken, blah blah blah." No LOSS to me.

In my opinion, it speaks volumes for those that DO turn against it: they WILL NOT be lorded over by ANY petty-little-tyrant playing god. They raise up their own clenched fist and say FUCK YOU. That is Satanic. That is exactly what Satan in every myth said to "He Who Would Play God."

Have a nice day! I already did :)

You (I'm addressing Stewart, in an email to me) referred elsewhere to something as infecting the COS? The COS? Or do you mean something that's in a lot of places in society? How about TOS? Or FCOS? How about Wicca? UFOlogy? New Age? I think you are referring to what I will give examples of here.

Below is a statement made to a Catholic friend of mine by a woman she knew as a close friend for 36 years. The woman said this as her reason for completely severing what was a long-term close friendship:

New "Born Again" specific-Christian cult church member:"I am going to completely sever any friendships or communication with those former friends, acquaintances and even relatives who have refused to accept Jesus as their Personal Savior and comply absolutely with the Written Word of God. I have no contact at all with persons who are members churches that are, in fact, the Synagogue of Satan, and that especially includes the Catholic Church. I believe all of the things Pastor XXX has shown me are the true words of Jesus Christ and not the distortions told to us by all other Christian churches. I will continue to comply in every way I can to teach the true word."

This person literally stopped talking to her own, quite-elderly mother and father, not just to her Catholic friend.

Please compare this to something an alleged member of the COS once said:"Long since, I have completely severed any friendships or communication with those former CoS members who have refused to comply with CoS regulations. I have no contact at all with persons who are members of CoS enemy groups. I honor ALL of the regulations set forth by the CoS officials, and I will continue to comply in EVERY way I can. I do not debate with officials, and I am obedient to them in EVERY way. I will always be at the service of the Church of Satan. Whether or not this is "satanic," I couldn't give a wit!"

These statements would be enough to get both of these people on J. Edgar Hoover's "suspect" list as being part of a cult. It's iffy for the Christian but for the Satanist? Definitely, any member of any Satanic organization would be watched. This person PERCEIVES it as a cult and behaves in a "cult indoctrinated" manner, a cult with "Authorities" which he/she is "obedient" to. The Christian really believes in what she has done, too. Both "believe." Both have unwavering FAITH. Neither of these qualities is in the least bit Satanic. But only one of these people thinks it is.

These behaviors have nothing to do with social systems or economics per se at all. Many people who join cults are intelligent (in terms of school smarts) and from the middle classes. Is this fascism? Well, in our society this is called CULTISM - but what is Fascism? It's a BIGGER cult. It has the same, identical dynamic and appeals to the same types of people.

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