Fascism, which is often thought to include the historic National Socialist movement of the German Workers' Party (NSDAP), at least in its latter, deteriorating stages, is a word often used and meant now to include forms of political regime like that of Benito Mussolini of Italy, and Francisco Fanco of Spain. Unlike Marxism, fascism involved no clear or specific interpretation of history, nor any systematic interpretation of ideology, which makes commentary upon this subject difficult. In every case of fascism, however, there was a clear negative reaction against socialist and democratic equalitarianism (equal rights as citizens, equal chances for all regardless of gender or race). In general, there was a strong fear, by both fascist and National Socialist leaders, like Adolf Hitler, of revolution, subsequent chaos, anarchy, and general insecurity. Pride and prejudice, exploiting vulgar anti-Semitism, were appealed to by National Socialist and fascist leaders, which is hardly Satanic. In essence, every fascist and National Socialist movement, including that of the NSDAP, has appealed to law, order, and Christian morality, no matter how you look at it. The glorification of the state, and the subordination of the individual to the state, are of its essence as well - again, hardly Satanic. The credo of all forms of fascism is "believe, obey, fight." This is diametrically opposed to the credo of Satanism, which has the exact opposite credo: "doubt, rebel, make love."

There is a false version of Darwinism involved in National Socialist doctrine. This is the idea that an individual bears the genetic imprint of superiority by being a member of a specific race, in particular, the "Aryan" race. I believe there are inherently Satanic individuals, but they, as a group, by no means coincide with members of the so-called Aryan race. LaVey himself, at least part Jew and definitely not Aryan, said that Satanists and Jews have been almost automatically aligned throughout history, so anti-Semitic movements like that of Adolf Hitler's are not likely to be Satanic. Or else LaVey was wrong on this, as I do not think he was.

Undoubtedly the elitist bent of National Socialist movements has captured the imagination of superficial, present-day, American "Satanists." Not only this, but it is known that an inner core of the Thule Gesellchaft (Society) attended a famous historic meeting of Hitler's German Workers' Party to take a look at Hitler. The inner circle of this Thule group did indeed espouse "Satanism" and practice ritualistic "Black Magic." But in reality, these personages were not allied with the dark forces, as was LaVey, but rather were died-in-the-wool proponents of the Theosophy of Madame Blavastsky. I challenge anyone reading this to refute historically what I am saying. Blavatsky was, in fact, an advocate of the forces of light. (Nothing wrong with that.) In fact, the swastika itself, appealing to Blavatsky, to so-called "Satanists" of the Third Reich, and to their modern day aficionados who consider themselves "Satanists," is a symbol of the light, not of the dark, as the pentacle is. Almost any symbol based on four points or four-fold symmetry instead of five is a symbol of cosmos, not of the great dark which, as Goethe's character Mephistopheles said, once was All. Likewise, the well-known lightning bolt of Himmler's SS is a symbol, once again, of the primal light as it came forth from the dark void - but the "Holy of Holies" of a true Satanist - which preceded this light is the Darkness.

There were about forty members of the Thule Gesellschaft who attended the aforesaid meeting of the German Workers' Party. I have investigated most of them. That is why I can challenge readers of this post to attempt to refute me. It will be in vain, and you will only show your own ignorance - not a Satanic quality. Prominent among the attendees of this meeting was Dietrich Eckhardt, an early member of the Thule group, as well as his acquaintance, the so-called Count Heinrich von Sebbetendorf (or Sebbotendorf), the actual founder of the Thule Gesellschaft. The "Count" established it as an offshoot of an anti-Semitic lodge of the ancient Germanenorden. Eckhardt himself found out that this "nobleman's" real name was not Sebbetendorf, but Rudolph Glauer, the son of a locomotive engine-driver from Dresden. Again, nothing wrong with that, but there is something wrong with being a phony. Most un-Satanic. Glauer claimed he had been officially adopted under "Turkish law" by the Count Heinrich von Sebbetendof, and therefore had a right to this title. Eckhardt, for reasons I won't go into here, made no attempt to expose him nor undermine his fake reputation, as he could have. Suffice it to say that Eckhardt did not want to undermine the power and prestige of the Thule Gesellschaft when it was beginning to establish itself in Bavaria. Glauer was influenced, as I said, by Blavatsky's doctrines of Light from her two volume work The Secret Doctrine, but didn't know the difference between dark doctrines and forces vs. light ones. He also studied Sufi meditation and Oriental philosophy, again without knowing the difference. The least that can be said of LaVey is that, however he did so, he seems to have had at least an inkling of the difference.

I have chosen details about Glauer to illustrate what was the case of all of these Thule members. They were not Satanists. Glauer, General Karl Haushofer, and others members simply transposed Blavatsky's descriptions and magical conditions about pre-historical "Atlantis" to the Germanic mythological world of the Eddas, in which the Gods, giants, men, and beasts were engaged in a bloodcurdling struggle for survival. These were age-old legends of ignorant men about Niflheim (the Underworld), Muspellhiem, and Midgard. These I will agree are intriguing and suggestive ideas, but hardly Satanic. Based on all of this, Glauer and other member of this inner group of the Thule Gesellschaft predicted that latent powers slumbering in the "blood" of the Aryan race would unfold in the Twentieth Century under Adolf Hitler. "Supermen" would then appear, they believed, awakening the Germanic people to the glories of their ancient heritage, which had been obliterated by Christianity. (They were right about this systematic and relentless obliteration, but the Germans obliterated it themselves, or one may say that they colonized themselves). They believed these coming Supermen would conquer the world. All of these ideas were extended and refined by Heinrich Himmler, Reichsfuhrer SS, who inveigled and sometimes terrorized a large section of the German academic community into perpetuating these myths of an inherent German racial superiority.

Herman Rauschning, a defected Gauleitier, explained the excitation of Germans by racial ideology as being due to the fact that every German, he said, had "one foot in 'Atlantis' where he seeks a better Fatherland and a better patrimony." Such a quest for betterment of this kind I can commend. But again, this is not Satanic or of the Dark. It is natural, and of the Light. Rauschning's comments on the "great leader" of this failed movement will be particularly enlightening to real Satanists reading this. Rauschning, who met Hitler on numerous occasions, wrote that "Hitler is the reeking miasma of furtive, unnatural sexuality which fills and fouls the atmosphere around him, like an evil emanation. Nothing in his environment is straightforward. Surreptitious relationships, substitutes and symbols, false sentiments and hidden lusts - nothing in this man's surroundings is natural and genuine, nothing has the openness of a natural instinct. 'Oh, if only Hitler knew how it does one good to have a fresh natural girl!' said Forster, another of Hitler's Gauleiters" (quoted from Hitler Speaks, by Hermann Rauschning). With this, Rausching hit on the head the trouble with all of today's bogus "Satanists" who gravitate toward Hitler, the SS, and National Socialism. According to Rauschning, Hitler fantastically enthroned himself, "looking out to eternity," from his mountain eyrie at Barbarossa, a snowbound, glass-walled building nestled in a rocky ravine of the Bavarian mountains. The walls of his "palace" were adorned with nudes of no artistic intention, but instead illustrating the crudest sexual deviations. Christianity had made him what it seeks to make of everyone: someone "smooth between the legs," someone whose sexuality is focused in his brain. A twisted, demented, pathetic creature, utterly broken at the root.

If this is where you are coming from, if sexual perversion of this type has a central place in your life, then, by all means, join the worldwide ranks of National Socialists, but quit pretending that the pentacle stands for this! Let me put it simply: sexual dementia was at the core of Hitler, as it is of all products of Christian society. He, like many of you bogus "Satanists," like Aleister Crowley too, as complete a product of Christianity as anyone, have put this at the heart of your so-called mediumistic and clairvoyant powers. It is the motivation behind every one of your so-called "Satanic" acts. In these acts, you reap vengeance only on yourself, and futilely attempt it on the Christian repressors of your childhood and pubescent sexuality. There is nothing wrong with a love of Teutonic mythology. But that is not what is involved in your so-called fascistic "Satanism."

Instead of Mussolini's "believe, obey, and fight," I advocate, as a Satanist, what Lenin advocated. He told Russian soldiers to stop fighting, to end the war, and to take the guns the Tsar had issued to them and turn them on their own generals. This is truly Satanic. (The Russians did as he said, overthrew the Tsars, and won the Bolshevik Revolution, as they defeated the Nazi "supermen" forty years or so later, killing or capturing four or more Wehrmacht soldiers and killing ten to every kill or capture by the Americans under General Eisenhower.)

When great mutations of the human species finally do occur, building up and adding up to a truly new species whose destiny is to inherit the Earth, eventually annihilating and supplanting everything else, the way Homo sapiens supplanted the Neanderthal, it will not conform in any way to the so-called "visions" the delirious Adolf Hitler had as he lay writhing in torment in his hospital bed from mustard gas poisoning. Take him as your "Fuehrer" if you like. As a real Satanist and admirer of LaVey, I pass.

Perhaps the best the most truly Satanic thing that might be true of many of you "National Socialist Satanists" is what Rene Guenon said of Neo-pagan groups in the era of the Thule Gesellschaft. He suggested they might be, as you the reader might be, unwitting tools of higher demonic powers seeking to unleash untold horrors on mankind. If "demons" and their human demonolators are conjuring you to do this, in which case pulling strings you don't even realize you have, that would explain why you feed off repression, blood and pain. Having had personal acquaintance with various "demons" within the hearts of similarly enamored and demented people, let me tell you that contrary to general opinion, demons love Christians because Christians' minds and lives are built around blood, pain, and sadism: it is the only way they can release themselves from their own repressions; it is their only outlet.

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