Satanic Reds PRESENTATION of an old issue rehashed anew:

What prompted this? Actually a lot of murmuring was afoot for quite some time all over the "Satanic Realm." As a matter of fact, "Satanic Reds" was planned three years ago, Ole Wolf even made a logo for it back then. It was finally made with humor in mind, at first, to counter this very thing: Fascist Satanists! And there are articles up here to read, some are funny (Stalin didn't tolerate no LOOTerz) and some are very heavy and serious (On Contradiction).

But then Mr. Timothy S. Epperhart ("Stewart" or "WolfAtHart"), of the COS (and, at the time, part of John Davis Xloptuny's SCS) first heard of the "ideal of Fascism" being Satanic, and he questioned it. He posted an email about it on LttD and on alt.satanism and received two responses. He later broached the subject again in the #satannet chatroom only to be met with rebuffs and harsh treatment, some of which was posted on alt.satanism. Then he came to #satanmuse and the whole thing took off like a rocket with a lot of enthusiasm and fun.

As you will see, this is an old issue but now it's being approached again with some new voices to be heard. Stewart apparently had not heard of or read any of the previous articles on this issue (which we surely had much familiarity with). Stewart's idea was to embark on his "project one," but his inability to grasp what constituted censorship versus free speech caused it to stagnate and languish, not to mention gain the ire of all who wrote for it. He really did not want any pro-fascist views! He claimed he wanted open opinions and that he'd print all, but then he wanted to "approve" them and well, that didn't quite work out. Non fascists will not be dictated to: or approved for opinions or censored by someone who can't write.

We, on the other hand, searched for fascist-satanist articles and they now appear here with credit given and some editorial notes (clearly delineated). As a result of hemming and hawing and drama none of us will tolerate for long, this will be presented in its entirety, with submissions from everyone that wanted to have their say on the issue intact, and who told us here at SReds to "keep it, put it up." Stewart's own project will, when ready, appear on his own website when he can make one. We at SReds do not like drama or problems when something should go smoothly. We at SReds also do not tolerate stupid people for long.

The gist of the matter is: "What do YOU think about Nazis or Fascists being related to Satanists as an Ideal?" Or: "What is the Ideal of Fascism within the Satanic movement?" That is the core question.

What follows are some articles on this issue and then, later on in Part Two, many entertaining emails that were submitted for the intent of voicing open opinions. All the emails herein were part of what turned into an e-list mass correspondence. This correspondence has been left intact but made clear by putting the name of the specific person atop what he or she wrote. These often appear within the responses of another person. No one wrote any part of this except the portions they themselves wrote as articles or answered as emails.

Everyone questions the use of the Hakenkreuz (literally "twisted Cross" or a Swastika) as a Satanic symbol and so have many others before. Well, I'm sure people would question the use of a hammer and sickle too; as shown on this website, but why would they question the use of these symbols which are political? They'd be questioning the political preferences of a particular Satanist. Over the years we have personally met and corresponded with "Nazi" (National Socialist) Satanists, Fascist Satanists, and Communist/Socialist Satanists. Most of them are smart enough to separate their politics from their philosophical or religious views. It is absurd to consider a political party "Satanic." All Fascists in Italy were Catholic. Does that mean that Catholicism is Fascist? Gee! The Maryknoll Nuns would certainly be surprised to hear that! Some Jews are Zionists, others are Liberals. The point is, political symbols are not Satanic symbols at all. They are political symbols of the 20th century and nothing more . Technically, the Swastika, previous to its use as the Hakenkreuz by Adolf Hitler, was 1. a Naga (Turanian and American Indian) mystical symbol of the spinning cosmos; 2. the Hermetic seal of Hermetic cults and Freemasons, and 3. an Aryan sun symbol. It is as ancient as early H.sapiens cave drawings and was never political.

There are many Satanists that share an angle on this entire trend (herd trendiness?) for that is all it really is these days since herd politics are swinging toward the extreme political Right. Many question whether or not we should see Satanists in white robes, burning crosses as the USA's Ku Klux Klan does, and wearing the Swastika which we all see today as a symbol connected to the murder of people who rose to the top of German society, only to be turned into a demonic scapegoat exterminated by rampaging Nazis. In other words, it is a symbol inextricably associated with RACISM!

We would point out that "such deeds" have been committed by many people from many political persuasions, including modern Liberals and capitalists, and whether they do the deeds directly or indirectly matters not: people suffered and perished due to their policies and deeds. Many leaders use religion as a rallying point to inflame the passions of the herd. This is not new.

It is the personal opinion of the SReds, for this website, that all of this misses the point entirely, but it makes for some very interesting reading and it was a LOT OF FUN getting into it when it seemed like an e-list conversation. When it stopped being fun due to the overbearing attitude of one person, Stewart, we simply took out everything "by him" and decided to present the entire rest of it for anyone interested in this subject; the green light to "go for it" was given by the writer of almost every email, the one person who objected has had his portion removed. Sure a Satanist can be a National Socialist (Nazi). Why not? Satanists can be Communists, too. Why not? They can be Libertarians or either Reform Party or Democrats or Republicans. Why not? One has nothing to do with the other, in our opinion at this website. Politics are formed from the physical conditions, working conditions, living conditions, in the specific societal niche (the neighborhood) we live in. Just as a Catholic or a Jew can be all these things politically, so can a Satanist. To say that the politics ARE "Satanic" is the error.

This, however, is not the trend we are seeing at all within Satanic circles, nor is it really what Stewart and so many others are and were objecting to. And they are: OBJECTING! Let me make this clear right now: this is NOT a "CoS Corporation" issue. Satanism is not confined to the Corporate entity known as the Church of Satan!

What are they all objecting to? And where is the confusion? As we see it, one basis for the "confusion" is that Peter Gilmore, who spoke on this "issue," and Peggy Nadramia in her article (see later) talked about the "Fascism" of some Satanists (presumably in the CoS) being a play targeted to some supposedly-shocked non-Satanist masses. Well, in reality, this "Fascism" is primarily being targeted at other Satanists and also at Satanists within the organization CoS! This has been happening online and it is our opinion that online is only a spill over of what goes on in real life. There is a natural reaction to this kind of "game," so the "confusion" of those now being accused of supporting these bullies (given the name "Fascist Faction" by themselves and others) may be a conscious defense. Thus Peter Gilmore himself (or those he identifies with) must feel they are the targets of accusations. (In fact, it came down to that with ANGER ruling the day.)

This "Fascism" is not political at all with most Satanists, since most of those "Fascists" being accused are literally political idiots! But it is a psychological power game of posing as a Superior, not to the outside non-Satanists but to people within the organizations. It is nothing but the bully mentality in action and probably being done by people who were all "Omega Wolves" in high school, either ugly boys, losers who couldn't get girls, or ugly, misshapen women! (If I were to make a picture gallery of some of the most outspoken of these so-called "Fascists," you'd LAUGH and beg us to take down the photos!) The bullies expect blind obedience to the self-proclaimed pseudo-authority. There is no joy in any of this - it is horribly compulsive. It is a fantasy, a pipe dream, and self-denial on the part of those playing the role of serfs! Its only purposes, as anyone not involved seeing this can imagine are: 1) To defend the incompetence of the top of the hierarchy; 2) To defend the incompetence of self; 3) To serve as a kinky, perhaps vicarious, S&M power-game; or 4) To serve the weaknesses of those with a mental imbalance. Only #3 is "valid" in any real way, and even in that case it should be noted that the targets are other unwilling Satanists. It is only a matter of time that these unwilling Satanists will find another "spokesperson" they think has clout and COMPLAIN about it. Which is, indeed, exactly what happened. It is for this reason that this website will present these essays and comments.

Why Stewart independently chose to embark upon his Project One while he was a member of the Satanic Combat Society run by John Davis (Xloptuny), is another matter. We don't know why. Why he sabotaged his own project is another matter and we at SReds don't really care about that.

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