Another Look at Christianity, includes Most Bizarre Theory of 666

If you, the reader, has the tendency to "knee-jerk REACT" to Christian things, then turn off those buttons or DO NOT READ THIS! I’m serious. This needs to be read through Dark Doctrine eyes.

From the Greek: Who is Not in the Kingdom - and Never Was, hence Shall not Inherit the Kingdom.

The ADIKOI (literally: not-right with the self - un-righteous, grossly misinterpreted to mean "moral.") shall not inherit the Kingdom. From St. Paul in I Corinthians 6:9-12. Consider what "not right with the Self" means in the Dark Doctrine: A Klippoth!

There are nine OUTER behaviors mentioned which one might call "sins" (errors within the Self) and a tenth THING (NOT a behavior anyone can see!) is INNER because it basically is the ROOT of all the other behaviors (just like in the Doctrines). Or one might say the UN-root as those that do it are said to "Not be born of WATER AND SPIRIT!" And furthermore, it is said that they "Were damned from the Beginning of the throwing down of the Cosmos!" Doctrine: they lack the Root. The Christian words (in Greek) seem to be implying that this is their Fate - they ARE Damned and they DO all these behaviors - BECAUSE - they are the damned. Interesting twist!

1. EIDOLOLATRAI: idolaters, those that worship false gods or idols (whether made of wood, stone, or flesh and blood like a God-King Person). Consider this in terms of "the fan." Consider just what this behavior is on the INNER level.

2. MOICHOI: Adulterers: those that adulterate - make impure - implied is making something impure which should not be made impure, but which should stay pure. In the Old Testament this clearly meant "race-mixing." It doesn’t mean to "cheat on your spouse" since those writing this were polygamous! It might have INCLUDED this, depending on WHO you cheated with, since these ancient people believed in biological telegony! (Matthew 5:32, e.g., if you divorce your wife and she marries another man, the new husband is committing adultery. This makes sense only if one considers telegony. There is more in the Old Testament on this showing the word clearly means to mix with other races.)

3. MALACHOI: Effeminate men, effete wimpy or cowardly men. A man who does not protect his household because he is "soft." The word literally meant "soft" in Attic Greek, an earlier language.

4. (H)ARSENOCHOITAI: A homosexual, usually thought to mean a male one.

5. KLEPTAI: A robber of personal property.

6. HARPAGES: Extortioners. Separate from kleptai. A usurer.

7. PLEONECHTAI: A covetous, jealous person, a clinger who looks at what others have IN LIFE (not necessarily material things) and desires to take it (not necessarily to own it for themselves either). They take it just to deprive YOU of having it. This is clearly seen as self-hate which springs forth hate for everything else, especially a happy ("blessed") person.

8. METHYSOI: Those who are intoxicated, brain-numbed in the senses due to drugs they take in order to numb the senses. Does not mean a drink of wine with meal (obviously).

9. LOIDOROI: Slanderers, revilers a person who tells UN-true things of another, obviously out of malice.

10. PORNOI: Filthy soul, literally, which one gets by committing the ONLY INNER SIN (sic). Jesus calls this the ONLY INNER SIN! It is EPITHYMESAI (literally, to stimulate the mind using the RIGHT EYE!) It usually is used pertaining to sexual matters: MENTAL SEX as OPPOSED TO physical biological urge to mate. EPYTHYMESAI makes the soul black and darkens the Light within. Doctrines: using the eye-chakra to stimulate the crotch chakra - it makes the Kundalini shoot DOWNWARD instead of flowing upwards (some folks CAN feel the difference). This is like "zonking" your own Root! It causes a splitting away of the 3 lower chakras from the throat and eye chakras - leaving the heart-chakra as a gaping darkened and empty hole (some folks have felt this too!) It results in a person being unable to "speak from the heart" because the throat chakra is split from the heart chakra were the feelings are. The Latin and English translations have this word as "fornication" yet this is wholly different from the original meaning! This PORNOI, being the only inner sin, causes the OTHER behaviors to occur. The people translating this into Latin were klippoths themselves - and notably woman haters! They were SICK MEN that often flagellated themselves or did other twisted things to themselves. In the Old Testament, the word "fornication" means: 1. Worshiping any false god (see above); 2. Sodomy, any unnatural sexual act not necessarily a homosexual one; 3. Incest which is overall bad breeding; and 4. Adultery, literally to mix up and make not pure - referring to mating! In Latin Epithymesai is translated "Concupiscentia" which in English gets translated into the word "whore" meaning male or female prostitute, selling sex for money. This totally obscures the heavy inner meaning. (Matthew 5:28-29 and Matthew 6:22-23) Epithymesai: the word THYMUS is in there. The thymus gland is behind the sternum where the heart chakra is. When "mental sex fetishists" of any kind FOCUS with their left brain (connected to RIGHT eye) on the future-goal (not past memory) of what they wish to do, it FEELS like a pinch in the heart chakra area; in fact, the thymus acts up. When they get "into" the fantasy (we call that a white noise state or ophionic) their eyes glaze over, get cloudy: they are in fact pushing their kundalini downward.

St. Paul used our word THANATOS to refer to these people who are ADIKOI. He was a Hellenic Jew well versed in literature - he had to have known that Thanatos was considered the opposite of Zoos in the physical sense, and the opposite of Eros in the higher or "spiritual" sense. Thanatos does not mean dead as in dead/buried. It means dead yet walking around as if alive. They are at war with "WHAT IS." At war with Nature and their own Natures though in Christian thought, this WOULD BE their Nature - to BE Thanatos - they ARE that way since the throwing down of the Cosmos. If one is "not right" they can NOT follow the Holy Spirit. Doctrine: klippoths can’t follow the Tao, they are unable to flow because their Kundalini is blocked up. It is as if they rebel against themselves. Christian: they have NO LIGHT (LOGOS: LOGIC!) in them, hence they have NO TRUTH in them and hence they have NO LOVE in them! Interesting! Jesus says: "If you have Logic, you can not err (sin)." The English from Latin translation twists this to read "If you have Jesus, your flesh will die." BIG twisting of meaning, here, by SICK MEN who spoke and wrote Latin.

The Seven Deadly Sins - in light of the Greek original. Keep Dark Doctrines in mind here. I’ll say it all in plain, concrete talk so that it WILL BE recognized.

1. GREED: It does NOT mean that if you need a car to get to work, you want one and work for one and then get one. In fact, a person can have many material things and NOT be greedy. It is the INNER WAY a person WANTS, nothing is ever enough, nothing satisfies: "their desires are INFINITE!" They need more and more and strive uphill to gather more and more in order to fill up an empty hole they FEEL within.

2. SLOTH: Stagnation. A person can lay around all day and not be slothful. By the same token, a person can jog and keep himself busy and BE slothful. Sloth is stagnation, the inability or refusal to change, move on, flow on in life.

3. AVARICE: Malice. A person wanting revenge for a wrong done is not avaricious; the feeling passes away. This means hate-FILLED, always angry, dour, grumpy, malicious. These people do not have a quiet mind. It goes right back to self-hate, an inner thing.

4. PRIDE: Does not mean that e.g., you are poor and lack an education, and then you improve yourself in practical life and feel good about it, or "proud." Pride is where you WANT, DESIRE to BE something you are unable to be; or you pretend to be this like a Sage on the Stage which leads to the Will to Lie, to yourself and everyone else, again, an inner thing. The prideful person will stubbornly try to do something he is obviously not able to do and fight an uphill battle trying to BE what he is NOT. This leads to him being jealous of anyone else that IS able.

5. JEALOUSY: This is certainly not when you see someone else with something and it gives you a good idea to get one yourself. Far from it. Jealousy goes hand in hand with avarice, greed and pride. Jealousy is simply SELF HATE - no matter what excuses anyone makes for it. It can include a suffocating possessive quality as if the jealous person imagines he or she can OWN another person. It turns love into love/hate - which is HATE.

6. GLUTTONY: Almost the same as lust (see below), except with food. Hunger that stems from the mental obsession with eating more and more despite the stomach NOT being in need of nourishment. It’s a feeling of "empty stomach" that comes from the mind, not from the stomach.

7. LUST: This has been the most misunderstood, distorted and twisted concept. It doesn’t refer to any natural biological need - this is specifically stated in various places. In fact, in Timothy, Paul states that ANYONE preventing the natural union of male and female, or preaching against it, is a demon! (He also says that anyone preaching not to eat animal meat is a demon!) Lust means the same as epithymesai (see above). The genitals are NOT in demand of sexual union, testicles are not filled with sperm, women is not ovulating. Doctrine: there is no full orgasmic RELEASE (of kundalini) with mental sex (and some people CAN FEEL the difference!) Also implied in Christianity is that these people who do "mental lust" somehow KNOW something is "wrong" with them. Paul states that, for some reason, the greatest pleasure such mental-sex types have is in coercing someone NOT like them, to BECOME like them. Interesting!

The Riddle of 666.

First of all, it MUST BE remembered that this is openly said to be a riddle that no one proclaiming to be a Christian will fathom! Second of all, it MUST BE understood that NO ONE, no foreigner, no Greek, would EVER write numbers using small case letters. Numbers were ALWAYS written with capital letters - elsewise they WERE NOT NUMBERS!!! This must be understood clearly. (Odd: no one that is told this seems to be able to have this knowledge STICK to them - as if "prophecy" is coming true and they can’t understand it!)

Also understand that a "numerological code" was put into the text - and ANY text not having this code work our right is copied wrong! There is a Chester Beatty papyrus dating from the Third Century where the numerological code is perfect. Of course, the grammar ends up being a puzzle to scholars; there is article inconsistency, or there is nothing written where there should be either the word "the" or "a." Also, "A Being," "Being," and "The Being" are three different concepts in Greek. Scholars corrected these "errors" and threw the numerological code off. They forgot that it’s a riddle.

Ode he Sophia esten: Here is The Wisdom. Sophia is a CERTAIN KIND of wisdom that is dark, intuited - it doesn’t say analytica or episteme or phronesis or nous or logos or even gnosis! It says SOPHIA. Estin is a form of the verb "to be" that is singularly distinct because it means "HAS EXISTENCE - AS OPPOSED TO NON-EXISTENCE"! It is like saying "I have Being" instead of saying "I am." It is like saying: "Here is the Being Sophia."

Then: Echon oun psephisato arithmon tou theriou arithmos gar anthropou estin estin de "666." Literally: Here is the Wisdom (Being-Sophia). One having, let him compute a number of the wild animal (beast) a number for the human is, has being ‘666’."

Word for word irregardless of grammar:

Ode here
he Sophia the Wisdom (Being-Sophia)
esten has being/existence
Echon one having
oun therefore
psephisato let him compute
arithmon a number
tou theriou the wild animal
arithmos number
gar for or of
anthropou the human (or A human)
estin has being/existence
estin has being/existence (repeated)
de moreover

Why did I put "666" in quotes when I quoted this? I repeat: it MUST BE understood that NO ONE, no foreigner, no Greek, would EVER write numbers using small case letters. Numbers were ALWAYS written with capital letters - elsewise they WERE NOT NUMBERS!!! This must be understood clearly.

666 is written in small case letters as the Greek letters: Chi, Xi, and Sigma. If this were supposed to really be a number, AND ONLY a number, it would look like this (using Roman letters - what we use in English alphabet): XEF that is, upper case Chi, Xi, and the letter Digamma! As they are written, they resemble these English letters "xes" which I will use to refer to the "number" in this article. If you have the "fonts" in your computer you will be able to see the example in the next paragraph of text with the actual characters:


GO LOOK at it. It shows this: instead of .

If anyone anywhere in the area wanted to write 600, 60 and 6 (666) they would have written: .

Now, these are NOT numbers - yet the riddle says "The number, a number." Why would the riddle-writer write this wrong? Because it IS a riddle. Esoteric traditions always played tricks with letters. Does this word, as it is written, xes, spell or mean anything in Greek or Hebrew? It would be pronounced KHKSS (kh-ks-s). No. What does this SAY if you read it as Hebrew is read, from right to left or "backwards" (s-ks-kh)? Well, it doesn’t spell or mean anything in Greek OR in Hebrew. HOWEVER, if you read the letters backwards AS IF they are Roman alphabet (English) letters, then it DOES mean something in LATIN: SEX! The Latin word "sex" meant the urge or sex-force (Doctrine: Kundalini). Sex backwards: sex force reversed, reverse kundalini flow. Logos (Kundalini) was considered to be rooted in the Waters of Life (Demiurge, your own physical Root IN you) and the shooting upward of this force was known as Logos. The "Waters" are the Root of the Tree of Life - "the Waters" is the same word in our BAPHE (Baphe Metis) or the Babylonian BAHU MID. Same word. Does it have a meaning now? HELL YES.

An example of using another alphabet can be shown with English and Russian: let us say that you wanted to hide the fact that your Army "RAN" from a battle like cowards, but you wanted to write "The entire Army RAN." in a code that would be hard to understand. You could use Russian (Cyrillic) letters and spell the English word "ran" backwards: HAP. E.g.: "The entire Army HAP." Scholars would wonder if the intent was to say that the Army was happy or was hap hazard or something like that. They might try to "fill in the missing words," too. But if the author SAID it was a riddle, they might try to figure it out. It would not be so hard to figure out if there was other context to refer to.

Now remember, the riddle insists that you NOT use analysis, NOT use logic, NOT use common sense, NOT use intellect and NOT even use Gnosis! It says SOPHIA, a DARK kind of Wisdom!!! Interesting! (See "Serpents versus Adamites" section on "Who is Who in the Bible" where it states in the Zohar that the Adamites are MISSING some Elohim - i.e., some facet of Nature called The Foundation, but that all the other males AND females (BOTH genders) created previously, and told only to increase and multiply, are PERFECT. Foundation is another word for Bahu or Root of your own Kundalini or Logos). In the Zohar there are two groups of people: MANKIND and then ADAMITES; Mankind is perfect nature having all Elohim. Adamites are missing some. From the Adamite perspective, they’d be "mankind," and the rest of Mankind would be "wild animals." True: we are.

But why call this a number of man? I can take a guess from a coincidence that seems a bit much to be a coincidence: CARBON LIFE - which we are, consists of 6 protons, 6 neutrons and 6 electrons. The ATOMIC structure - remember the Atomists were a Hellenic school of thought that predated Jesus by hundreds of years. We can’t say what these ancient geniuses knew or didn’t know especially since wars and organized Christianity wiped out 90% of their writings! What was inside the atom was considered to be Bahu or Demiurge - the WATERS (of life!). 666 could be considered to be the number of LIFE ITSELF. Zohar states that "All wild beasts have this." The Demiurge was said by the Orphics to have within it 6 colors that spin that are like unto water, it is the smallest component of matter, animate OR inanimate, surrounded by a Rotundum (round thing) and is the strongest thing or force in the Cosmos. I find it hard to believe that the 20th Century genius that discovered what’s in the nucleus of the atom and called it quarks, did NOT know these doctrines: he picked colors for them that were the SAME colors the ancients talked about (This is not to say that quarks can be seen having colors. It’s just that the genius that discovered it NAMED THEM BY THE SAME COLORS - Did he choose those colors by accident? They are Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan. I mean, why not pick brown or gray, black or white? How about pink or purple?)

Not convinced? Are you a Christian? Well then, Jesus said: "ean me tis gennese ex hydratos chai pneumatos, ou dynatai basileian tou Theou." Literally: IF ANYONE BE NOT GENERATED OUT OF WATER AND SPIRIT, HE IS NOT ABLE TO ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF THE GOD. He said NOT able. NOT ABLE. Seems to me like old JC was talking some aspect of the Dark Doctrines! Sophia was equated with Binah. Sophia-Achamoth would be the Waters (Bahu) - this would be like the Upper and Lower Shekina. The Logos, is the Child of Sophia. He who has no Sophia, would have no Logos, according to the Dark Tradition. Another name for the nuclear strong force is the Water Force.

So what’s all this bullshit about salvation? HA! A RACKET, nothing more. Hell, I should charge money to people who want to read this because I KNOW I solved this riddle! I could first "SEE" it in people with backward, pent-up kundalini and then, when I saw that "word/number" in the Bible? POW! GOT IT without even trying. There are those that I know in THIS "clique" that SEE this too about people. It is a kind of sight.

NO, I’m not trying to b.s. anyone here. LOTS of people INTUITIVELY see this but don’t quite know just what it is and they are not USED TO SEEING things in the intuitive manner and are hard pressed to put it into words.

Interesting? I thought so when I saw it in the Greek - FOR SURE. (After I picked my jaw up off the floor - I copied it down...)

I am utterly amazed at the numbers of Christians who DO NOT want to know this! (As prophesied, no less!)

AND for the record: that one may intuit the "colors/waters" in one’s OWN FLESH by using the Siddhi is one thing. Through the FLESH one may know all such things - IF one is ABLE to do this. That a modern day genius in particle physics chose to name the quarks in the strong force - also known as COLOR FORCE and also known as the WATER FORCE - by the same colors one can intuit - is not a reason to try to mock me out, as some Klippothic losers have attempted. All this REALLY means is that "my favorite KEY to play and listen to is C# minor" - and golly gee, Beethoven also CHOSE that difficult key to write his Moonlight Sonata in. This would mean absolutely nothing to the TONE DEAF people out there. That’s ALL it means to me. The people hurling slanders on my head are so DEAD they don’t even know what they are FEELING in their own bodies or what emotions they have that RULE them like a tale wagging a dog. They can’t even answer WHY they are focusing on me, obsessing on me, and doing this. The question is: WHY WOULD they WANT-DESIRE to abuse me for having "a theory" when there are so many OTHER theories on 666? That is the question that everyone should ask. (I know the answer!)

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