Update One:

Report: December 21, 2001 regarding T. Casey Brennan and John F. Kennedy.

From Agent Vladlen Dagonovich Nyarlatin of the Satanic Reds. 

I volunteered to help investigate the death of JF Kennedy, as reported by T. Casey Brennan, after unearthing a horrific truth in the Soviet Union, a truth buried inside a statue of Stalin that came to light when an angry mob smashed the statue to pieces. Feel free to read my brief explanation of how I obtained it and see an image of the Mysterious Statue. Quickly thereafter, I learned of the cosmic implications of this statue; I had to learn fast - or perish! 

I volunteered to help in this investigation in order to change my direction and get away from the above.  I could no longer stand the mind probings of the cult I stumbled onto.  They invaded my dreams, they made me sleepwalk to God knows where for some unknown purpose.  Who would have thought that such a cult would or could exist in the landlocked area of the former Soviet Union?  I didn't realize that there are Other Nations in alliance with the ones that got on my trail.  And so, I volunteered to help on the JFK issue, a much more down-to-earth endeavor.  Or so I thought. More in a moment. 

First of all, what I discovered about MK-ULTRA is shocking.  They are part of a secret-beyond-secret, sub-underground organization that is not exactly connected to our government anymore.  Nor were they involved with the Cold War and they are not today involved with terrorism.  It may seem as if they are.  But this is what mere mortals see.  They don't know the whole of it.  MK-ULTRA, or at least some of them, are renegades.  They appear human.  But so did Oswald. 

What I did not realize at the time, which I know now, is that these renegades are also the enemies of the cult that had been following me and making me dream.  But, more on that cult later. 

First of all, they, the real MK-ULTRA, do not brainwash people in the traditional sense of that word.  They somehow manage to switch personalities so that you are no longer you.  Instead you are actually the invading party in your body.  It looks like you, but it isn't you.  They can "swap souls" or "swap minds," so to speak.  Once in your body, they can go about doing whatever they wish.  When they are finished, you have no memory of what happened and are then accused of actions you never actually did, although your body did these actions.  This all seems similar to brainwashing and implanting of "trigger" words that make you act and carry out orders.  But with traditional brainwashing, you can be made to remember what you actually did.  You can not be made to remember what you did when these other methods are employed, except in very rare occasions where the target is pure of heart, possesses innocence and a powerful spiritual goodness.

Comrade T. Casey Brennan is the exception to the rule.  That is why he is now a great spiritual leader, His Divine Grace Srila Kasipada.  He has the power to know that some part of him carried out a deed, even if he can't quite remember the details or gets the smaller details confused.  He is somehow able to remember the major things that the invading organism did while in the body of the actual Lee Harvey Oswald! 

What the MK-ULTRA did with regards to His Holiness T. Casey Brennan, if anything, is not yet clear to me.  But, that Lee Harvey Oswald was not ever a human being is more than clear.  I have the proof and will show you.

The information I obtained from Mels Timiryazevovich Gonzalo (alias Carlos, the REAL Carlos) was the key breaking point in my investigation and how I came to know of an ancient cosmic war being conducted underneath the mundane reality we all live and function in.  I used to mock that mundane reality.  Now I realize I should have cherished it. 

There is an ancient war that has been ongoing.  I don't know all the factions involved.  Some of this extends to our own planet.  While in the past, this only involved obscure cults and marginal people in society, it later involved top government officials with power over nations.  It involved JF Kennedy.  I'm not sure on exactly who or WHAT Kennedy was, therefore I will skip to what I do know and have proof of.

It starts with Joe Kennedy and his connections to the "mob."  As the esteemed mob Godfather Bonanno exposed in his interviews and on the TV show where he spoke candidly, the mob did want to kill JF Kennedy due to what he and his brother Bobby were planning to do to destroy the mob that had previously helped their family.  This was considered treachery.  There was also a serious right-wing cabal out there that wanted JF Kennedy dead for good reasons of their own, just as Oliver Stone revealed, and that story also made it to TV.   No need to reiterate these very well-known theories. 

None of these people have the proof I have, or a hint of what REALLY happened.  Both factions, mob and right-wing cabal, wanted JF Kennedy dead.  But someone, or rather Something, got there first; and it was more than just one Something.  And there was a master mix up. 

Mels Timiryazevovich Gonzalo is also a Satanic Red, but, in the past, he was also a true Socialist before joining SR.  He came to realize that true Socialism suffered infiltration by pipe-dreaming, unrealistic types, the deliberate agents of the Frankfurt School.  The Frankfurt School is the REAL conspiracy, though they are totally human according to most experts.  Comrade Gonzalo left due to that. 

Prior to that, he came upon information involving Castro.  He wrote to Castro and asked him what it was about. 

Comrade Gonzalo received an unsigned answer with a cryptic message that said, "We are Of the One. Look for the red's Pentacle.  There are answers there." 

While at first he had no idea what this meant or who sent it (it was postmarked from Cuba), a quick search on the web took him to Satanic Reds.  He joined.  He quickly learned the truth about things he had suspected and about Castro and his cult, from the adepts of the SR.  As a result of what he learned, he asked the Satanic Reds Founders for permission to join the cult.  The Founders immediately said, "Sure, go for it."  This other cult is called the EOD and many of the members of this cult are Master Dreamers and Travelers.  There, he learned much.

Comrade Gonzalo informed me that the allies of this EOD cult, who are completely and LITERALLY underground, or under THE ground, weren't trying to harm me at all when they sent me dreams.  They were just curious about me. 

Now, this group is also capable of "swapping souls" and/or influencing people, something so far beyond the simple notion of brainwashing that it makes the idea of KGB or CIA brainwashing style seem primitive. 

These unknown and hidden groups were out to eliminate JF Kennedy.  I don't know why, yet.  I'll report what I know for sure. 

First of all, the being known as Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't a human being; although he looked like one and acted quite ordinarily prior to the Yithian possession.  Oswald was, in fact, a Tcho-Tcho.  The Tcho-Tcho have no involvement with national politics or Cold War politics.  They can easily pass for human beings.  Only the trained eye can pick them out of a crowd. 

If you recall, Lee Harvey Oswald was a very ordinary type of guy, human or not.  I mean, he behaved very ordinarily in society.  Then, suddenly, he changed.  This is due to the fact that the real Lee Harvey Oswald's mind was brought back to the past, 500 MILLION years back in time, and put into the body of a cone-shaped being.  In turn, the mind of the cone being inhabited the body of Oswald.  His strange behavior, which led both the CIA and KGB to consider him some kind of spy, and led both KGB and CIA to deny he was spying for their respective sides, was due to the fact that the real inhabitant of his body wanted to get information regarding the Cold War in order to write about it in their historical archives.  Usually, this historical research is all very innocent.  But not this time. 

These cone beings are called the Yithians.  They are almost as old as the cosmos and have been writing history as long as anyone knows of them, and sometimes interfering with the course of history, which is less well-known.  They knew something and, due to what they knew, they wanted JF Kennedy dead.  It had to have been something cosmically horrible for the Yithians to interfere like that, I'm told by reliable sources. 

At the same time, the race that the EOD is enemies with, wanted JF Kennedy dead. I don't know much about this race. 

Another race, one of oldest of the Other Nations that were native to earth, wanted to try to stop the Yithian from killing JF Kennedy because JF Kennedy was a big liberal and was friendly toward the EOD's people, their allies.  This race, the allies of the EOD, is the Ubbya and they come in many phenotypes including one that looks similar to humans.  I'm told that they are not remotely human, not even mammals. 

This is where His Holiness, His Divine Grace T. Casey Brennan, Srila Kasipada comes into the picture.  The Ubbya saw a pure soul in T. Casey Brennan.  They put his soul into the body of Oswald. 

Unfortunately, at the same time, the unknown enemy put one of their own into Oswald's body.

To refresh:  there was the real Oswald, who was Tcho-Tcho. His  body was possessed by the mind of a Yithian.  Then the mind and body received the soul of T. Casey Brennan and the the soul of the being of the enemy race.  The enemy race and the Yithian wanted to eliminate JF Kennedy.  The Ubbya put T. Casey Brennan's soul into Oswald to try to prevent the murder.  But, no matter how pure the soul of T. Casey Brennan, it was not strong enough to overcome the Will of the Yithian and the enemy being combined.  JF Kennedy was shot.  Aside from that, if His Holiness could have prevented it, no doubt that Bonanno's hit man or the right wing cabal's hit man could NOT have done the job.  If they could have, they WOULD have and the future would have informed the Yithians that Kennedy was eliminated.  They'd not have bothered to send one of their own to do this deed. 

The Ubbya immediately put T. Casey Brennan's soul back into his body and if not for the superior spiritual qualities of T. Casey Brennan, he'd not have remembered any of this.  Unfortunately, there was some bleed through. 

Oswald was captured and thrown into a jail before the Yithians could swap back their own Yithian in Oswald's mind with the mind of the legitimate Tcho-Tcho Oswald.  They had to send someone to either conduct the swapping or kill Oswald.  The Yithians sent a mind to possess Jack Ruby and he killed Oswald. 

That should have been the end of this sad story, but not so.  The mob knew they sent assassins to kill JF Kennedy and their hit man probably did fire a shot; they may have thought they killed Kennedy.  The right-wing cabal, uncovered by Oliver Stone, may have thought their agents did it.  Both had solid motives and plans to kill JF Kennedy.  But they did NOT do it!  This confusion and rumor mongering led to all the speculation you hear today.  The fact is, both the mob and the right wingers had a REASON to WANT Kennedy dead.  Oswald, the Tcho-Tcho, did not have any reason to want this. 

Why the Yithians wanted Kennedy dead is unknown to me.  I do realize, as do many other experts in this esoteric field, that they have the ability to know what is in our future, because they swap minds with people IN our future.  They can change the future with this knowledge.  I have no idea why they'd want to do that.  What would have happened had JF Kennedy, beloved of all, not been killed?  The Yithians know.   We will never know.

But this IS why T. Casey Brennan remembers being there and sometimes thinks he killed JF Kennedy.  His soul was in Oswald's Tcho-Tcho body. 

Now, to my proof.  It is well known that Oswald's skull and brain vanished sometime after he was shot by the Yithian-possessed Jack Ruby.  The Ubbya had the skull, they took it immediately after Oswald was buried.  They generously allowed me to photograph it.  Here is my proof that Lee Harvey Oswald was not human. 


End of report:

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