Update Four:

Report:  June 21, 2002 regarding T. Casey Brennan and John F. Kennedy.

From Nimu Koalkl - serious onlooker.

I have to strongly disagree with the findings of Agent Mels Timiryazevovich Gonzalo, of the Satanic Reds, regarding his gross negligence in showing the wrong skull of the real John F. Kennedy.

First of all, the entire story of JFK's visit to Texas and subsequent shooting is bogus. 

Little known to the world, John F. Kennedy was a great fan of the Incas.  However, as we all remember, the Kennedy's, both John and Bobby, were staunch and righteous enemies of evil drug cartels.

A Kennedy double made the trip to Texas and was shown being shot.  This is what the world accepts as the truth - the only debate being over who shot him. 

The real John F. Kennedy was actually in Peru, and while there, he met an unfortunate fate at the hands of drug lords.  He was beheaded and his body was burned to dust.  One of the native Inca onlookers, a boy named Tupong, took note of who took the skull.  The skull was, in fact, taken as a trophy and kept, for years, in the home of the most unknown and secretive drug lord in the world:  Montego de Hosef de Maria de Hesus Losvehos. 

Tupong, a boy of eight at the time, immediately realized that the skull he saw was blatantly similar to the skulls of his own most-ancient ancestors.  His ancestors, as is documented and proven by the esteemed Doctor of Science, Yotoku Shirakami, came from Mu over 15 thousand years ago. 

Tupong patiently bided his time.  When he was a teen he got a job as a gardener at the estate of the drug lord Montego Losvehos.  Years passed.  Losvehos finally died of old age and Tupong, now in his fifties, finally took the skull and returned to his village. 

How I got the skull.  I was helping to excavate and analyze Incan mummies.  Much is being kept secret about these mummies and their true age.  Many native Incans were present and trying to explain their true history, but no one would listen except me.  It was there that I met Tupong.  Seeing that I was willing to listen to the ancient origins of his people, and realizing that I had a voice in the Western World, Tupong gave me the skull.  I immediately realized that this was no ancient skull.  When I found out to whom the skull belonged, John  F. Kennedy, I was shocked. 

Now is the time to present a clear photograph of this skull. 

End of Report

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