Update Three:

Report: April 30, 2001 regarding T. Casey Brennan and John F. Kennedy.

From Professor Laban Shrewsbury, hostile source!

This is not any new information, but we present it to be thorough.

This was given to me by my Uncle Dawa. Oddly enough, my Uncle, once, in a fit of anger, called me a Tcho-Tcho. He called me that because my friends and I put Satanic Reds on a website.  He got this letter from his son Tserin who married a beautiful Tcho-Tcho named Udah. Udah converted to the Buddhist religion, Tibetan style, of course, and she honored the Dalai Lama. She wanted no part of the letter she received, or the person who sent it to her. She handed it to her husband who gave it to his father. My Uncle Dawa immediately realized where he should forward it. Right here.

The original letter is written on off-white parchment with a strange golden fluid and it won't scan or xerox. Therefore, we will present the entire text of the letter by retyping it verbatim. We guarantee the authenticity of the letter.

Begin quote:

Dear Udah Chamjo,

I'm writing to you because you have converted to a peaceful religion and are no longer involved with Outer Beings and cults that serve them.  I'm hoping you can help me and all of mankind.  After all, you married a human, right? 

As you may know, one of your race, Lee Harvey Oswald, was blamed for the murder of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy. I don't know if you keep in touch with your people, but in case you have not done so, I can assure you that the death of JFK is not to be blamed on your race. Oswald was possessed by a member of a race known as the Beelz, an utterly evil insectoid race, and he was simultaneously mind-swapped by a member of the Great Race of Yith. Of course, you may know that the Yithians would never do anything evil or wrong. The Beelz wanted JFK dead because he was a spawn of the abominable chaos Azathoth. 

Trying to prevent the assassination, were the abominable creatures whose creator is Ubb, one of the Old Ones. You are familiar with the Old Ones, are you not? YOUR WHOLE RACE SERVES THEM. SURELY YOU KNOW?

Forgive me. I'm weary.

I'm writing to you so that you may try to stop your cousin-in-law from making another abominable website. It is bad enough that they have an organization that is Satanic, or something like that - it's DARK and that's bad enough.  But it's also radical.  Now they are endeavoring to unearth things that man should not know and horrors beyond time and space, like your whole race.

The Beelz are not to be taken lightly. Though they don't serve any of the Old Ones, they are aliens capable of possessing the souls of others. Like demons. They have been on earth for quite some time and have gotten involved in governments. They took over MK-ULTRA, which, as a result, is a very dangerous and inhuman organization. Of course it's inhuman. THEY AREN'T HUMAN!

It would seem that your cousin-in-law and the Satanic Reds organization she is a part of has attracted members that are part of the Cthulhu Cult, the EOD, which stands for the "Esoteric Order of Dagon." You probably already know that .

But now, more urgent than ever, due to the machinations of one T. Casey Brennan, the Satanic Reds is going to conduct an investigation and they have already unearthed things that are not for mankind to know. Dangerous things. And these fools put this dangerous material on websites where anyone in the world can see it. 

I had in my hands the actual proof that JFK was a Spawn of Azathoth. But on my way to hide this evidence in the Great Library of Celaeno, I had the misfortune to run into an evil abomination, a Yuggya, who stole it from me for God knows what purposes.

It is difficult for me to ascertain who is good and who is evil regarding JFK. Kennedy himself was a Spawn of Azathoth, which makes him evil. The Beelz are evil. The EOD and their Ubbya allies are evil. Satanic Reds are evil. You are of an evil race. But the Yithians are good. Of course, I am also good.

From what information I obtained from another traveling Yithian time voyager, had JF Kennedy lived and not been killed, he'd have turned the Cold War into a Hot War and the entire planet would have gone up in one giant nuclear explosion.

It is not clear to me why anyone would have wanted JFK to live.

It is clear to me that man is not ready to hear anything about this.

Please try to stop your cousin-in-law from having her Comrades do any investigation for this dastardly T. Casey Brennan. He is probably evil too. Conjurella is evil. Vampirella is evil. Trust me on that, I KNOW what's good and what's evil.

Yours for the Elder Gods,

Professor Laban Shrewsbury.

End quote.

Indeed, this Professor Shrewsbury is the evil one. And he's a racist pig, obviously. HOW DARE he speculate that His Divine Grace, T. Casey Brennan Srila Kasipada is evil? His Divine Grace is the most recent reincarnation of Krishna!


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