Update Two:

Report: March 22, 2002 regarding T. Casey Brennan and John F. Kennedy.

From Agent Mels Timiryazevovich Gonzalo of the Satanic Reds.

I have read the complete report of Comrade Nyarlatin and have some additional and important information to add to this.

I have learned much in the EOD.  Some of this directly involves this incident.

The Tcho-Tcho race is quite old and links to another race called the Miri Nigri who were not human at all. This race of Miri Nigri was amphibian, or created from amphibians during the evolution of amphibians on earth.  Much later on, they mated with human beings.  The resultant offspring were the Tcho-Tcho.  It is uncertain which outer being the Tcho-Tcho owe allegiance to, since accounts of all credible sources vary.  Some say they are allied to the hyperdimensional being Chaugnar Faugn, the Miri Nigri creator-deity, on whom there is sparse information.  Some say the Tcho-Tcho are the guardians of the beings Lloigor and Zhar and enemies of the Black Lotus religion whose doctrines are similar to those of the Satanic Reds.  Yet other accounts say that they worshiped Cthugha, or that some did and that the others who failed to tie themselves to Cthugha perished to the extent that it was thought the Tcho-Tcho went extinct.  Some of them apparently have resurfaced in the United States and are selling drugs.  This faction might be allied to the being Yidhra.  But none of this is crucial to the investigation.  Feel free to ignore it. 

What is crucial and certain about the Tcho-Tcho is that they can be found from Central Asia to Burma, extending to Far East Asia and Indonesia.   Prior to the early 1970's, The CIA, who knew something of them and their abilities, armed them and used them in the Vietnam War!  Trust me, if the CIA knows a little about them, then they know a LOT about the CIA! 

The reason that the EOD and their Ubbya allies wanted to protect JF Kennedy is that his essence or soul is a Spawn of Azathoth itself or, as I understand this, Kennedy was an Avatar of Azathoth in much the same way that Krishna, a living person, was an Avatar of Vishnu.  I'm not quite sure just how that works.  Either JFK was born like that, or the essence of Azathoth took him over for life.  There is no way to know.  He definitely had some kind of Big Plan for the nation, and perhaps for the world. 

But there is more.  It has been noticed how Kennedy tended to walk as if he had a back injury later in life.  This has been explained (a good example of DISinformation) as being caused by an injury he received while doing some act of bravery.  Rubbish to that.  That is when Something got him. Some other player in this cosmic war, some enemy. 

I, too, am not quite sure who this enemy race is, but they definitely are MK-ULTRA and that is WITHOUT A DOUBT.  The EOD confirmed this, the Ubbya confirmed it and said the race is called the Bells, and our Commissar did an I-Ching, which also confirmed it. 

Obviously, the Bells couldn't just outright kill the living Avatar of Azathoth, which was JF Kennedy himself!  Neither could the Ubbya do anything to evict the intruder since it would have entailed messing with Azathoth.  Azathoth is not even a being as we understand the word!  It was a stalemate situation! 

Actually, His Divine Grace, T. Casey Brennan, COULD have won over the Bells invader when he was in the body of Lee Harvey Oswald.  It was the Yithian that tipped the balance.  And the Yithian was unexpected by everyone.  That part will probably remain a mystery. 

I do have something incredible to present, however.  As Comrade Nyarlatin pointed out, the brain of Oswald was stolen.  But did you know that JF Kennedy's brain was also stolen and a brain that was definitely not his was put in its place?  MK-ULTRA did that.  That is, the Bells did that. 

Now, this part is also a mystery.  Somehow, the real brain, or at least the skull of JFK, ended up in Ubbya hands, but they didn't get it themselves.  I took down verbatim the account of one of their individuals, Nmu-Yg'koakl, a Yuggya variety of Ubbya.  He allowed me to tape what he said over the telephone.  He tends to detour a bit, but it might end up being important.  Therefore I'll transcribe this verbatim:

Begin transcription:

I was cruising in a single vehicle out near the Pleiades planning to check out the Library. And IT WAS NOT stolen from the damned Elder Gods. They just like to slander the Old Ones. They've kept up relentless, obsessive libel like that since the first generation stars were right. You think they'd let up by now. No such thing. At least they stay the hell off the TV. Commercials are enough to bear on the TV. 

Oh, yeah. OK. Who did I run into? Well, I'm in my vehicle minding my own, just up there to look up the words "Sat" and "Tan" since they obviously don't mean "someone sat down and got tan," and out of the black comes Shrewsbury, the Supreme Fool, on a byakhee bird. He sees me and starts screaming in shitty R'lyehian. Man, I live in the USA these days. I speak English. They oughta do something about that language thing. 

Alright, OK. But, you know, he can't speak the language of R'lyeh, you think he'd give it up by now. 

Alright, alright. And you'd think the Supreme Fool would at least have by now found himself a proper vehicle to travel and get off the damned birds. 

Anyway, OK, don't rush me. I think the whole thing is funny as hell and I start busting up and get an idea to spook the fool. I go semi-hyperdimensional and cruise right through him. The fool goes and gets all spooked, like he ain't used to such stuff by now? The man talks to Hastur, even though he ain't one of Hastur's, and he's scared of my single vehicle? 

Anyway, when his hands get thrown up from fear, something flies into space. I go back to normal three space and the object lands in my vehicle. It's a skull in a box with a note written in plain English. It says "this is the skull of John F. Kennedy." Anyway, you gotta live off world permanently to not know there is a big mystery surrounding this man's death, what, he being the president of the USA and all. So I held onto it. When I heard our Brothers of the EOD were helping you out, I gave it to them. You know what you're looking at there? Heh."

End Transcription

I chose not to keep this skull. It's just too dangerous for me to keep and the Satanic Reds said to let the EOD keep it. But I photographed it.

Skull of John F. Kennedy, the Avatar of Azathoth on Earth.

End of report

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