To Boldly Go...

How Star Trek Explodes some Myths and Misconceptions about Life in a Socialistic Economy. And a Reality check for some Economic Liberterians.

By Proleteriat

"To explore strange new worlds... To seek out new life, and new civilizations... To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before." This is the motto of the television show Star Trek, the brainchild of social visionary Gene Roddenberry. For information about Roddenberry's ideas and how he broadcasted them, see the excellent book "Gene Roddenberry : The Last Conversation (Portraits of American Genius, No 2)" by Yvonne Fern.

Many people imperceptively watch Star Trek and consider it pure fantasy or
on a level with Star Wars or similar swashbuckling "science fiction." However, the show, which is far from simple fantasy or history retold in a space setting (as Star Wars does with Roman history) - is a vision of what humanity could be - a positive vision for what humans can achieve.

Notably downplayed or even absent in the human society of the Star Trek world are
the concerns that dominate most entertainment (including major movies, science fiction or otherwise): sexual/romantic problems, intolerant and/or conquering male heroes, oppressive power relationships between people, religious or narcotic escapism, etc. These things are shown in Trek, but they are not the normal way characters interact and live - they are instead depicted as primitive phases of society, or character flaws.

Roddenberry has very craftily and progressively unfolded a vision of what could be called an Enlightened Human Society. People relate to each other on a very equal basis (except insofar as military chain-of-command is concerned, yet even in that setting there is an open atmosphere and none of the "yes sir, an order is an order" mentality). People work towards common goals and share the fruits of their common labor.

And what are these goals? To explore the universe. Humanity's mission in Star Trek is to explore the universe and find new forms of life. This sentiment is quite simple, innocent, and beautiful: it's what Jack London called an "Eros to Know." Along with this mission is the Prime Directive: not to interfere with the evolution of other life forms.

Like many other aspects of the Star Trek world, these dicta are simple "there" - given an explanation only when the story calls for it. Roddenberry used his shows as a type of very passive or yinful propaganda: he merely SHOWED what could be, what humans COULD become if they developed certain potentials.

Likewise, the fact that in the 1960's the original Trek series had a crew including people of many nations and races, and both genders - and, to top it off, an alien Second in Command, Mr. Spock! Yet this was not explained, it was simply presented. Another beautiful Roddenberrian idea is the Vulcan motto of “Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations.”

One way of seeing this is that there is a TREND in society. Some people are "hung up" on what could be called personal issues, or behaviors borne of inner conflict like bottled-up rage, broken self-hood, warped sexuality or emotionality, or similar developmental problems. These people seem to "go nowhere" - they don't Become, because they are "stuck on themselves." Everything they do is a reflection of their warped selves and inability to grow or develop - their lives play like broken records in what seem to be abortive attempts to repair or correct psychological problems. Satanically speaking, people like this are pent-up/apathetic, and ophionic - two stages of the same problem.
They are unable to Become - they only stagnate and Unbecome (self-destruct). Societies where these people predominate do likewise: stagnate and unbecome. They are all increasingly stress-filled, illogical, and inhumane.

And there is another trend in society - this could be called the Progressive movement, or Enlightenment movement. Note the Satanic connotations of these words: Progressive, as in Becoming - and Enlightened, as in The Light or Black Flame. These people tend to focus on very practical problems outside the self: better education for people, improving quality of life, better food, less work, less stress, less crime, etc. Focus is on phenomena - the outer - the world! As in, exploring the galaxy! Enjoying the world, and improving the world for more enjoyment and less pain. The self is not an issue with people like this - and in a sense people like this are "aloof" because they are inwardly content. This latter trend, politically, tends to make societies that are more equitable, less stressful, more humane.

Star Trek is merely a continuation of this latter trend - without the "garbage" associated with the first, negative trend.

When Star Trek humans meet aliens, they do not try to impose their rules on
the alien society - that would be a violation of the Prime Directive. And they do not "judge" the cultures of different species - they merely try to understand them, as part of their mission to seek out new life. Satanically, this means human culture in Star Trek is a very Left Hand Path type culture in this sense, applied to a technological modern society.

Star Trek people live very collectively - yet individuality is quite apparent and is fine. People pursue their individual desires and work at what they enjoy doing; they don't work to "pay the bills." There is an unspoken air of tolerance and curiosity. The economy is very socialist - yet each person in that economy is quite free. Economic Socialism allows this kind of freedom, because it divides the burden of doing labor for a technological society equally and humanely amongst that society (it will also be noted that Star Trek has means of producing food and energy different from modern real-life human

This is completely contrary to the WRONG idea that "socialism is anti-individualism." In truth, socialism does NOT require submission of the individual at all. In a sense, it can be VERY individualistic in an inner sense. In a socialist society, someone can TAKE PART in a VERY collective effort, e.g. working at a shoe factory, and go there and do their thing, and get a fair payout and fair share of housing etc, and then go home and be ALONE if they want to. They wouldn't need things like "alliances" or "connections" to get a job - which is common in America (friends, family help people get job) - and MORE common in MORE competitive countries - like in Latin America or Third World, where you need "connections" (or bribes) to get simple things like a Driver's License. Going along with plans to build a BRIDGE with 500 other people is a LOT different in inner terms from going

along with e.g. "Aryan" racism in Germany when you look in the mirror and see that you aren't quite "Aryan" enough; or competing among those 500 people to try to undercut each other and/or rise to the top in a strictly capitalist country where maximizing profits (for the owners) and minimizing expenses (workers are expensive) is the goal. The former is practical and working for a common enhancement (bridge) - the latter is anti-SELF, or can be if the person internalizes it in a certain way. Or going along with cultural tradition" to marry a girl because she's pregnant when you DON'T like her or want to be free - that's VERY anti-self. But it's there because there are not adequate social means in America to support children.

There is in fact a kind of aloofness associated with phenomenalism. One has to be at peace with oneself to live the motto: "explore the universe." This kind of inner peace is most definitely Satanic - it is Being as one with the Sat, and Becoming/Tan. To explore and enjoy and grow simply for its own sake.

People ruled by inner strife never do this: they explore with an agenda: conquer, destroy, steal. Never with an Innocent Eros to Know. Simple knowledge or appreciation of phenomena (including other people and creatures) is unknown to these people, they are in fact enemies of this type of truth. They are constantly unable to simply "accept" truth bout What Is - and they seek to change the world, to impose their inner strife upon their material surroundings, including other living beings. They are destroyers.

A world where people compete for scant resources makes it NECCESARY to cooperate to survive, but not neccessarily on FAIR TERMS, and definitely not on EQUAL terms. When society works together and everyone does their small fair share, then each person deals with SOCIETY in a sense. It's LIBERATING from monkey personal problems - or in other words, unresolved inner conflicts - in that sense.

A society where the economy is divided up according to "Might Makes Right" - as it is largely done now in the modern world (armies, nations, and even classes and races and religions and gangs and myriad other groups/gangs fight each other for a share of resources - is a strife filled hell. And this kind of society necessitates "ganging up" - which is often done in ways that are very anti-self. People find nuclear family units suffocating and enraging. Racism or classism or other group "isms" prevent people from seeing themselves and each other clearly (Enlightenment). This kind of society aides the enemies of the Enlightenment and Progress, in political terms - or, in esoteric Satanic terms, they are enemies of Becoming and The Light!

See the article Tree of Destruction for in-depth analysis of these conditions. See Star Trek for an idea of what CAN BE.

Also, a note on the Borg and trends in human evolution:

Regardless of trends of Enlightenment and Human Freedom in socities, there is another trend, one of Technology. Unlike the social trends promoting Enlightenment and Freedom, which have blossomed and degenerated (see Tree of Destruction), the trend of advancing Technology has been moving forward very consistently since the Renaissance. We are becoming Technological Humans! This has not seemed to free humans in any inner sense. However, it has definitely changed us, in a very strange way! We are becoming more and more interdependent on huge scales (across continents and beyond), and increasingly dependent on our technology. Everything from cars and telephones and computers - and now cell phones and the Internet, has changed what we are and how we function in our daily lives. We are possibly becoming like the Borg, with a Hive Mind (consider telephones, Internet, cell phones), we are becoming homogenized, and we are becoming weak and frail in the innate/inner biological sense! Is this good or bad? Who knows! But it definitely IS. Roddenberry merely projected this trend, or a possible continuation of this trend, into the future! He also envisioned a possibility called SORG. See his book, mentioned at top of article, for info on this.

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