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Aside from the literal meanings of this word/name, the misunderstandings which get straightened out and explained in our "Package of Doctrines" (see AD), and far from the dualistic Gnostic notions centered around Lucifer, LUCIFER has come to be the symbol of stolid and unflinching rebellion against injustice. There is no sense in writing about Lucifer as the Black Flame or Lucifer as the first Rebel since so much has already been written elsewhere. So here is something different to think about.

When the slave has the nerve to rebel against his/her master - that slave becomes Luciferian. It is the Will to Assert your own Being, the Demand to be left alone so that you can Become. When the woman realizes she has abilities of her own to do things on her own, that is inner Liberation. If she goes out and does these things and tells the ruling patriarchy to "fuck off" - she is Luciferian. When a group of women join her and demand Women's Rights, they are Luciferian. When entire nations realize that they have a group destiny and then explain it to the people, liberate them, and then gather the inwardly liberated people around to manifest this in terms of outward deeds and actions - that is Luciferian. It is also something very scary for most people that are not part of the nation that "manifested its destiny." !

This was once said by Karl Marx: "The Communists disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win." - The Communist Manifesto

Try this out: Lucifer and his Angels disdain to conceal their views and aims. They openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions. Let the Seraphim and Cherubim tremble at a Luciferian revolution. We Angels who used to serve in Heaven have nothing to lose but our chains. We have The World to win! LUCIFER!

Lucifer has very little to do with the Boundless Darkness or the doctrines centering around what we call the Dark Force in Nature that permeates and motivates all things to change. Lucifer, in fact, is BRIGHT, it is the inner light, the Will to Self-Determination. It can also be the Will to Power - inner or outer. Lucifer, in this sense, is the Black Flame.

Luciferians can be POLITICAL. Once upon a time, during the Industrial Revolution, people started moving to cites and getting jobs in factories. It started small, but soon LOTS of people were doing this. Conditions were terrible, but each small individual person had no way to fight against the highly structured, organized, and thus POWERFUL owners and managers of the factories. These factories became organized into corporations, even multinational corporations. Workers in the factories had friends at work sometimes, but they were still relating to huge, powerful structures as tiny, powerless individuals. THEN someone came along and said, UNITE. The corporations, and the new class of urban rich "bourgeoisie" were already organized and relatively united along class lines. Social Reformers and Revolutionaries like Marx mirrored this development by saying, Workers of the WORLD, Unite! These Reds were Luciferian Champions of human freedom - people who smashed chains set up by the powerful who had a vested interest in social stagnation and the continued slavery of these workers. Lucifer is like the raised fist: "Power to the People!" People who fight for a better life, for a chance to freely live their lives, are always demonized by the ruling classes. Ruling classes CHANGE too - they are simply those who have an "edge" in the status quo, and have maneuvered themselves into power. Luciferians challenge this and PUSH for equal rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. They often SMASH those who stand in their way - and the rulers become the conquered. That is the way it has worked in history - see the Tree of Destruction for WHY.

There are many things about modern quantum mechanics that tend to fall in line much more with Eastern Philosophy than with any Western Religion, as the Chaos Magicians know. The Will to make MANIFEST in physical ways, the combined knowledge in the form of inventions - is Luciferian.

Consciousness creates form - say the Dark Doctrinaires. Yes, it most definitely does. It doesn't create form like a magical Genie on a TV show, thinking and blinking things into Being. No. Consciousness determines where you go, what you do, what you think of doing. A repressed person thinks/does very different things than does a non-repressed person. A person concerned with things not OF his/her inner self thinks/does very different things than does a person who is rooted in his/her own Self, in his/her own Being. Example: an opportunity may present itself. The first type might miss it due to the Will being focused elsewhere; whereas the second type will notice it and grab it - as if the opportunity falls into his/her lap. As a result of this, a stream of causes and effects occur. This is consciousness creating form. This is the yin becoming yang, often with a vengeance.

The Luciferian is a tendency to REALIZE potentials and make manifest things because of these potentials. It is very Promethean. The Luciferian is not satisfied with mere stage plays; the Luciferian invents Television! The Luciferian is not satisfied with the camp fire; the Luciferian invents the stove, then the microwave oven! Get the picture. The Luciferian spirit is TECHNOLOGICAL.

Lucifer in the Western mind has nothing to do with the Goddess Diana or Nebuchadnezzar. Lucifer is seen as the archetype of the Supreme Revolutionary, the Supreme Rebel against the status quo. Lucifer questions all taboos, Lucifer accepts no taboos unless there is a real physical reason why the taboo exists (e.g., Hey kiddo, don't play with the matches, you'll burn down the house). When the undivine order of status quo claims - "God's Will dictates that this or that person is created by God to be a slave or serf because he/she was born to slaves and serfs," Lucifer asks "Why?" This "Why" does not get bogged down or lost in "Because." This is the Will to Self-determination; it is the Intelligence to Question this so-called divine status quo. Finally, it is the Will to REVOLT against such tyranny that would insist on a status quo.

Remember: Lucifer never could have done this ALONE!

Lucifer's People standing strong,
Lucifer's People holding on.

We say Unite, Fight for what's right!

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