Left Hand Path and Right Hand Path: Defined.

BY Tani Jantsang

The terms LHP, and RHP, are not Western, and certainly not Christian. While Tantrik "Buddhists" never called themselves RHP or LHP, this term was applied to them. The two aren't at odds with each other. Both paths are ways to Wisdom: the difference is not in the goal but in the method.

Hinayana Buddhism (Little Path Buddhism) is the closest Buddhist sect to what Siddhartha actually taught. Its emphasis is on the 8-fold noble path, and other things typically associated with early Buddhist practice. It is very concerned with rules, laws, and proper behavior: etiquette! While it is a path of Wisdom, it is not a path of Knowing. Of course, those on this path are not considered able to know otherwise they wouldn't be on that path! It is not their fate to be on any other path.

Mahayana Buddhism (Great Path Buddhism) replaced Theravada. Nagarjuna is considered the successor to the Buddha by the followers of this path. Mahayana is more of a path of knowing, but it's not what we would consider Satanic in the Dark Path sense that "all knowing happens directly through the whole body." The person who seeks out this path seeks it out because he is unable to know through the body directly, but he is able to understand with the mind. In Pythagorean terms, these people could be considered Akousmatikoi: those who are able to listen, and learn the way to do something, even if they can't truly understand.

Vajrayana (Vajra Path, Lightning Path, Direct Path), or Tantrik "Buddhism," is the path of instant, direct, and specifically physical-body knowledge and is more rightly called either Padma Sambhava-ism or just Shiva-ism. Strictly speaking, in terms of Theology, it is not Buddhism. Herein is the tradition of Kundalini Yoga, the Siddhi, Tumo, Phova, Milam, the Chod, etc. and other recognizably Black Magical practices. Those who are on this path are there because they can do Vajrayana and attain Samadhi without thinking about it (literally). In fact, they do it without "wanting" to. That's the real key. . . they do through active non doing. Vajrayana is totally LHP - but this does not mean that those from whole cultures that are Vajrayanists don't have fun or do normal things. (This has nothing to do with the invention called "Tantrik Sex," nor does it have a thing to do with breaking taboos. These notions are totally modern, Western inventions of sex clubs.)

Mahayana is LHP in the sense that the reason for its existence is that it is a path of knowing from the inner method even if it takes slow, methodical steps to this knowledge. Mahayana is also RHP because it is the doing of deeds that help the person "acquire" this knowledge.

Now. . . here is the important Truth. There is no conflict between these paths if they are True; they are yin/yang and exist together and this embodies real stratification in the sense of people naturally working at their own abilities. I.e., what you are good at, naturally comes easy! Because of this, there is always RHP in LHP, and always LHP in RHP. There is the "Being" of the receptive LHP and then the "Becoming" which is the active RHP. There is the Knowledge of the LHP that leads to the deeds of the RHP. Everything is Yin and Yang. Passive Idea; Active Deed. Like Sat-Being and Tan-Becoming.

To people at inner peace with themselves, the Dark Paths are Peaceful. They are beautiful, soft, and solitary. . . This does not mean they are hermits; not at all. There is nothing busy or hectic about the Dark Paths. They are totally inner. When a person has an inner core which has been compromised by cultural Christianity or something else, the best they can come up with is a self-overcoming where they try, oftentimes in vain, to "fix" their broken selves. In neurological terms, they lack the "organic I." These people cannot know. The best thing for them is to join one of the pacifistic liberal Christian Churches they rage against so at least they have rules that prevent them from hurting themselves or others. What they don't understand is that they cannot know, because they are not able to grasp the knowledge that is at the Core of their Being. They often sublimate by "getting interested in" rebellion: but against what? What exactly is it they are rebelling against?

If they really want to revolt against tyranny, why are they sublimating? Why don't they do something? Most of these types that "get into Satanism" are inversionist Christians and they shove their "Christian shit" in our faces as much or more than Fundamentalist Christians shove the Christian shit in our faces. They reek of Christianity, and within them it's an infection they try to get out of their systems by screaming and wailing about it and turning it all upside down. Satanists don't want to hear it. An American flag side ways or upside down is recognizably still an American flag. And a cross upside down is still a Cross. Same thing.

The RHP is the way of Yang. The LHP is the way of Yin. That's it. And like Yin and Yang, you cannot separate the two. Yin/Dark/Receptive. Yang/Light/Active.

But this is the danger of the Lie. . . when Right and Left become something that are against each other, then the RHP is a false path.... a false Light. And LHP is felt (not thought, but felt) to be frightening and evil. This misconception, within a person, is the striving, craving for the Light Alone rebelling to exist without the Dark Parent from whence it came. That is truly self-destructive... The only people who understand what RHP and LHP really are. . . and then also see these as separate and opposed. . . are Klippoths. They see it opposed because they themselves are opposed to their own shell-ish non-being. In otherwords, they know this Lie and Falsehood through their own peculiar flesh!

Apparently, or so I'm told, there is some kind of Thelemite tradition that has it that the LHP was derived from the thesis about Lucifer being God's angel seated on His left. It spoke or taught of a more aggressive approach to the occult and was adopted by many styles of magic, including early Thelema. That puts a whole new slant on the confusion over LHP and RHP which is, in fact, very new and exclusively Western, perhaps WASP only. Please refer to "Which KINDS of Satanism" on this website. I am unable to locate a thesis on this; it may be just the oral tradition of some groups of Thelemites and never written down.

For the record, "Lucifer" was never used as the name for Satan or the Devil until Milton used it. The other reference to Hilel for Nebuchadnezzar is a mistranslation by Origin, as is pointed out in an essay entitled, "Satan Or Lucifer - The Same? Or the Opposite!," in Package of Doctrines (on sale, see the advertisement).

However, interestingly, from the Christian Bible: [Mat 25:32] Before him will be gathered all the nations, and he will separate them one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, [Mat 25:33] and he will place the sheep at his right hand, but the goats at the left. Christians have always referred to themselves as sheep. Satanists identify with the Goat of Mendes. The Goat is actually Azazel, but Azazel alone was never associated with the Hebrew ha stn (The Satan). The Hebrews did have a more folkish tradition wherein they combined Samael, Leviathan (or Lilith) and Azazal together to make "The Beast," or CHIVA. For more on this, please see www.lylyth.org

The Standard Definition, even given in "Mind of the Ninja" by Dr. Petersen, which he wrote and explained for a Western readership, is what we use in the bonafide Dark Tradition. This has nothing to do with behavior, or with rebellion. In fact, the entire Promethian (or Luciferian) tradition in regular Western Civilization, something that led to the industrial age and technological age, are very RHP. Surely, the inspiration for such works was originally LHP in that it was inspired; but making these marvels of technology manifest is an act that is purely an example of RHP. More or less, the inventors took what was darkly inspired and brought it into the light to be seen and used by all.

If anything, rebellion and revolt against unjust societies (very bloody usually) are Yang - ergo RPH according to the way we ubiquitously understand things. I've given the standard definition in this article. The Encyclopedia of Buddhism, which also defines Naga Shivaism, something much older, has this same definition and anyone that takes the "above" and synthesizes it with the "below" can clearly see this.. Even Kung Fu, the way they define yin and yang forms, fits this definition.

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