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The novel OTHER NATIONS by T&P Marsh is now for sale!

It was released June of 2003. It's earth-based sci fi, mystery, romance, over 430 pages, 13 B/W illustrations that look like photographs. Color cover, 6x9 trade paperback. ISBN 1410736857 Ingram is the Distributor, but smaller stores can order these wholesale from the publisher.

On the internet: it comes up in a web search, "Other Nations Marsh."

It is also available in offline stores if you give them the ISBN number 1410736857.

The publisher is Author House. It can also be purchased there.

Also available at amazon.com, Borders, Books-a-million, Barnes and Nobel, etc.

The basic premise is that living amidst humans are representatives of very ancient, advanced yet alien Other Nations. They are not from outer space; they are from the depths of the oceans and the pits of the Earth. Some are utterly alien; some are all-too-human, with religion, disease, and death. Some have powers and technology that seem like sorcery, some are psyonic time travelers. And some are something new: a hybrid blend of ancient culture with modern human technology, and they have their own agenda for humankind. The novel takes the reader everywhere from legend-haunted towns in Massachusetts, beaches in Florida, Renaissance Florence, Italy, the steppes of Eurasia, an ancient city called Pnakotus, and to a very strange university in New York City.

While this would definitely be a true-to-form, non pastiche, original, new-ideas-type Cthulhu Mythos novel for Mythos fans, it is also 100% readable to the general public (who tend to get a lot more out of it), even fans of UFO mysteries liked it.

HERE are the reviews it got:

Bravo!.. There was some really weird stuff in there that could not have been anticipated. The miracle is that it all works together. I cannot see any reader not liking this novel.
--Edward P. Berglund, The Disciples of Cthulhu II

Turning the old Mythos tropes upside-down, OTHER NATIONS gives us a glimpse into a world that gave Lovecraft nightmares.
--Daniel Harms, Encyclopedia Cthulhiana

Other Nations is brilliant. I found it compelling. The ideas are great, the characters are alive and real, and there is a lot of dignity in the tale. You've blended the ideas, human qualities and relationships perfectly. Apart from loving it subjectively, I think it's an important, relevant work, important to the here and now.
--David Kelso-Mitchell, Oneiros Books

I loved Other Nations and can honestly say that it's one of the best mythos novels I've read in aeons. It's already making the rounds among my friends and the consensus, so far, seems to be a hearty 'well done!'
--Marc Zender, Doctoral Candidate, Department of Archaeology, University of Calgary (currently on a fellowship at Harvard).

I am honored to promote new material of the quality of Other Nations.
--David Wynn, Mythos Books

OTHER NATIONS is my favorite mainstream novel. It combines human drama that touches on very deep themes, with interesting, lovable characters and despicable villains - and offers glimpses of utterly alien beings and civilizations, including ones that walk unrecognized amidst humankind in modern techno-society. Elements of Romance, Fantasy, Horror, and Science Fiction are intertwined in an enchanting and intricate tale that is told from many perspectives, and has much to offer both the hearts and minds of readers.
--DC Chandler, Supercharge

Deep! The twists and turns of the plot brilliantly orchestrated. Heavy. Seriously, I think the novel is better than most weird science fiction stories and novels I've read. Something that requires thought is ultimately more memorable. The science in the novel is cutting edge! Fantastic stuff.
--Allen Mackey, writer

A wonderful, engaging and well thought-out novel.
--James Ambuehl writer Lew Cthew fiction

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